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Tiny debt ridden club punching above our weight

Does any one think that a better identity may be something like : "We are the only proper professional club in Bucks , we have a proud history and we are on a journey to reclaim our potential " " we have facilities and an infrastructure for the league above and this is where we belong " .

This continuous language of the tiny little club who are riddled with debt may serve well to clip the wings of fans expectations but I for one do not feel a sense of progression and the continuous underdog tag may well have run it's course . How long before this undertone switches from the positive effects in which it is intended , to make a team of fighters against adversity , and start to make the players and fans feel like it suggests : a tiny cub going nowhere?

Maybe we should start "wearing a tall hat" and make what could be a self fulfilling prophecy a positive one ?

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