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  • The McCarthy position is a weird one. Although he had an ok game, looked comfortable on the ball, I don't get why, with Bean and McGinn on the bench, we're shoe-horning a short-term loan signing into an unfamiliar position.

  • McCarthy is a cracking defender, but he certainly I'd not look 'comfortable' in central midfield as this report suggests. He was very ordinary with his distribution and often looked all at sea.Whatever some people may think, centre midfield (2 in a 4-4-2) and centre back are very, very different positions. I hope we don't see this again and Bean/Bloomfield are fit enough to come back next week.

  • My guess is because McCarthy is a quality player with the attributes although not the experience for central midfield, while Bean isn't fully fit and McGinn hasn't exactly excelled in his appearances so far.

  • I felt he was fine in the position, but it wasn't exactly conducive to attacking football.

    Also, when Paris gains full-fitness, I'd like him to be given a run on the left-wing instead of the currently hapless Wood.

  • Hopefully Hayes can shake off the knock he picked up I'd like to see him and PCH start together GA likes us to play a high tempo high pressure game with PCH we can vary between running at the opposition back four and the little dinks over them that Hayes specialises in.

  • I have great respect for Jason McCarthy and hope his loan will be extended beyond next week but, regardless of his comfort on the ball (well beyond that of your average central defender) there were several instances of him going for the same ball as a fellow midfielder and I would have preferred to see Marcus Bean in that position. I believe both goals resulted from poor covering on the right of our defence, a position which JM had occupied with distinction for several recent games
    Difficult, because I am a Sido admirer. Sometimes, though, his flair and eccentricity can take him to areas of the pitch well removed from the right back position!
    No doubt adjustments will be made for the trip to Plymouth where, of course, PCH will have a point or two to prove. He proved to be a game changer yesterday in terms of the number of attacks we were able to launch when he replaced the struggling skipper. Just a pity that we then got caught twice on the break!

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    We showed lots of Industry but we aint building a row of appartments or assembling cars lets play football on the deck, along the wings and too players feet, not rush and run as fast as we can again and again without the ball, we had no guile and short of any ideas. Ainsworth Gengen without the ball, Yes but lets do something different when we have got it, keep possession, pass the god damn ball around, trust me the ball don't bite.

    PCH and Ugwu made a difference Also nice to see Lynch roll the ball out a few times too.

  • Thought Lynch had a good game with no drama, I too was a bit confused by the Macca defensive mid position, he did ok but was this trying to hark back to the role Scowen played for us? I tend to agree with Micra in that although Sido is a good flair player he is quite often found to be awol from a right back defensive duties point of view so would keep Macca in this role. Good to see PCH back and his speed and skill will help as long as we get the ball on the deck. Hoof ball was not going to win us the game yesterday even with Thommo and Hayes winning lots of flick one as there was no one to flick it onto.

    The ref was hilarious yesterday, equally bad for both teams, giving fouls when there were none and missing so many handballs I had to laugh.

    • Oi ref, this games a pantomime!
    • oh no it isn't
    • oh yes it is etc
  • I agree Ozzie. I thought Lynch was fine and could ahve done little about either goal after the defence let them in. Obviously Gaz is being loyal to Sido but McCarthy is better at right-back with Harriman in front of him than Sido is (much as I like him). After the great performance against Villa (first leg) the midfield looked awful again. All three officials were appalling, (for both sides) handballs missed all over the pitch and the free kick given against JJ in the corner was a massive joke.

  • With all the doom and gloom about it is worth remembering that for 45 minutes at Villa we did play really good football and should have scored. Although to be fair Villa 1st half were the eo

  • The doom and gloom is odd. The club occupies a position any Wycombe supporter would have bitten your hand off for eighteen months ago and most would have been delighted with at the start of the season. It has just played and almost matched a premier league team over 180 minutes. It has lost a couple of games in a row, most recently against a club with a new manager that would normally be found in a higher division. One of our home grown lads has just taken a big step forward towards hopefully a great career. With Ibe and Hause also doing well, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that more than one ex-chairboy may in the future simultaneously grace an England shirt. Amongst the gloom, much to be proud off surely.

  • On a side note - is Kortney Hause really 6ft8 as WikiPedia suggests?

  • I'm not pulling the panic cord. Seen enough to think that on our day we could clearly push for play-offs at least.

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