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So, Mid-Table and/or Survive Relegation is Now Our Genuine Ambition?

We had better have got at least £2 million for Matt, plus a sell on percentage, to make this dark day worth it.

Zero confidence in Lynch to make a promotion challenge realistic -- of course, I'll be more than happy to eat my words.

Have they got a deal for a loaner in the works, or is it Baz on the bench for the rest of the season?



  • Lynch has done nothing wrong in the games he's played, the second at Plymouth was mawsons fault iv got full trust in lynch

  • Scoring goals is our biggest problem,not many teams have let in less than us this season in League 2. We have to back Lynch as he's our number 1 now,may take him a while to settle with the pressure but if GA backs him so do i.

  • Will be a non ambitious season for us. Yes give lynch a go however we all know he is not good enough. We realistically need 3 players to mount play off challenge. Please get rid of Ugwu -truly awful. PCH is a quality signing though. Need creative midfielder, and striker

  • I don't know that at all, speak for yourself.

  • Chairboy 73 dream on. Under 1/2 mil prob add ons. Guess we will wont find out until accounts filed.

  • Chris, are you related to him?? Face facts, Ingram was absolute class lynch is at best average

  • How many games have you seen him play? How old is he?

    As far as I'm aware we're not related, although my gran was Welsh.

  • I have seen all.his games and go to most wwfc games home and away. In my views he is not good enough and defenders know that. If you don't think that's the case then that is your perogative

  • Can you explain what Lynch did wrong g today and how he was at fault for either goal please?

  • I am not Sayimg he was I am saying he is not good enough to be number 1 goalkeeper for us or any other Leauge side, your deluded if you think he is

  • If I am deluded, I take it that Ainsworth is to, as he has publicly stated that Lynch is good enough. Nice to be put in the same high regard thanks.

  • Lynch is decent, but Ingram is outstanding,

    The two goals today weren't down to Lynch, but there's always the nagging feeling that Ingram might have produced something out of the top locker, that Lych doesn't have.

    Just felt an overall average game today, did we even have a shot on target?
    Paris looked pretty lively, the rest looked bogged down.

    Not sure what the thinking of McCarthy in midfield is, he doesn't need to be shoehorned in under all costs.
    Well, I hope not, surely that wouldn't be part of the loan arrangement?

  • I've not seen anything in Alex Lynch to worry me and I think he'll grow and improve if he gets the support he deserves. I do wonder if we will get a keeper in or jus rely on the loan system for a while

  • Hey RITM;

    I hope we stick with Lynch why bother getting another keeper unless it's to push Lynch or backup instead on Baz. It feels like are happy with our lot atm, to me it seems the wheels have come off or we got a flat tyre.

    Expect a bit more with our Dream team today.

  • erm we need another keeper in case lynch gets injured you seriously think Richardson should be in the squad playing in the league ?

  • we had Richardson on the bench plenty of times before, so there's no real greater risk not having another keeper.

    If something happens to Lynch outside of a game, we'll get a loanee in.

  • @trevor;

    Did you read the the whole paragraph "unless" being the operative word. Replace Baz Yes, push Lynch Yes, to leave Lynch to bench warm, No.

    Competition is good for Lynch to make him up his game but I wouldn't be impressed if he isn't given a chance to be our number 1.

  • but why i he even there he is 46 year old who has not played for years he wouldn't get into any team in this league or even in the conference its abit of a joke isn't it .

  • He's a member of staff providing emergency cover, in the same way Ainsworth is still registered as a player.
    He'd only play in a pure emergency.

  • @trevor calm down dear. The Ingram deal was only completed late yesterday. Like it or not Lynch is our new number one. I haven't seen anything yet to make me worry that he's not good enough. Not as good as Ingram clearly, but that's why Ingram commanded a healthy fee. No reason that Lynch can't improve and be a good asset to the club. I'm pretty sure the club will be looking for backup next week as lady luck will desert us before the end of the season and we will need someone other than Richardson on the bench.

  • it makes it a little tricky looking for a stand in for Lynch though, as who do you get?

    He's already a really young, presumably low waged guy, so who is going to bother to come in and be on the bench as 2nd choice?

  • well if lynch is the new no1 then we need a experienced number 2 that is good enough for this league

  • edited January 2016

    not sure if you've noticed, but we're a bit pushed for money here.
    The Ingram and FA cup money are not a windfall to be lavished into the squad, we're in massive debt.

    I'm comfortably with going with Lynch and Baz as the combo, we went with Baz on the bench many a time earlier in the season, so I don't see it as any too much more of a risk.

    The only extra risk being that Lynch gets injured on a Friday Morning one week and we can't get a cover loanee in.

  • We need a #$; $^"÷ goalscorer!

  • Need some more chances created for the front boys as well I think.

    I think Paris will definitely open things up with his pace and direct running. Main bright spark in a crap day today

  • @ Malone . How much debt are we now in do you think ?

  • Having seen every match Alex Lynch has played for Wycombe, I think that we are most fortunate to have such a talent to step into Mattys shoes. What pleased me was the fact that Alex tried to build up from the back by throwing it out wide. Those who stood behind the goal alongside me were like minded. Other than Luke,it was the only positive I took out of todays game. It was just a shame that yet again we under performed infront of a slightly higher than average home attendance.

  • There was a detailed breakdown of the accounts on the trust site somewhere, I had a quick look and can't find it. Usually up to the year before, so always hard to judge the exact position.
    I thought I'd seen £2m or so in the last accounts though, andclearly that's before these 2 cup games and Ingram, although no one really knows the total figures beyond the certain 144k tv deal money, and perhaps a guesstimation of 100k away leg, 80k home leg (massively discounted pricing at Villa hugely bringing that away leg fee down)

    Comfortable with anyone with more certain knowledge to come to the fore though.

  • Gareth is quoted in a Daily Mail article earlier this week claiming we have £3m of debt.

  • but if you listen to Gaz it's incredible we're not in division 4 of the Wycombe combination with our resources.

    And the Daily Mail is an absolute sh!Thouse of a paper too.

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