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2012/13 side

Touch of insomnia at the moment so have been passing the time by watching some old highlights on player.

Must say our squad of 2012/13 (early GA days) really wasn't bad at all, and whilst our current crop I think we'll all agree are a treasure to the club, I do think the overall talent of the squad of a few seasons back was greater.

Exciting team of Morgan (really impressive when he was much leaner), Scowen, Grant, Andrade (hot and cold I'll admit), Stewart, Harriman, Archer, Dunne...

Understand that more money was probably invested in that side but would be great to see some of that flair back one day, at the moment we seem to have more brawn than skill.

I started going over highlights from 5/6 years ago, and it really does emphasis the change in the club since those days. A much warmer place to be and thankful for it!


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