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That crop of youth players

Now Ingram has gone, how bloody good was that set of youth teamers who came through!

Ingram, Phillips, Ibe, Hause, Scowen, Kadeem Harris, Stewart.

Got to be a cool £3m worth in that lot by the time you factor in the adds ons.

If Ibe develops a notch and goes to another team we could really cash in.

What a great crop. McClure and Kretzch were decent of course on top, albeit it no fee/has it all to prove respectively.


  • isnt that much for 6 players who have alot potential

  • Ibe we inherited him after he was dropped by Charlton, McClure dropped by Crystal Palace. I think we got a couple of the others after after they were let go by higher league clubs. We lost a few to Reading around the same time, Scott Davies & Simon Church. There were more, I just cant remember.

  • Pretty much all our youth have been cast offs. Going back to Roger of the Raj who left Sothampton (?) similarly Disco Danny Senda.

  • Andy, try Chelsea for Johnson, and Williamson for Southampton.

    I wonder what the line is then. We had Johnson at a really young age still, 17 for his debut, so with us however long before then?

    Obviously the number of players that would be born in Wycombe/very close area, and were with us from 10 or so would be nearly miniscule.

  • Then add Anya and Russell Martin.

  • It all comes down to the net you can afford to cast. The youth travel rule used to allow Southampton to reach so by that reckoning eight premier clubs can afford to take every decent youth player from the town. Our net could just about afford to reach Cressex.
    There is no way we can afford a youth set up when we are so far down the pecking order on local talent. The best we can do is polish diamonds in the rough. That becomes even harder with no reserve team and the effectiveness of 4th division reserve football anyway.
    Its a huge and obvious problem for English football but whilst the fat pigs at the premiership trough keep chomping who cares.
    As an aside I find it interesting how many 16 and under players are featured in the BBC and Sky transfer gossip pages. And how nearly all of these are foreign players.

  • @TheAndyGrahamFanClub;

    I am with you. I have a dream that a Team in our League of 72 are able emulate ManU "Class of 92", and bring through several local (British) talented players to first team and do well and win a Cup or something. It will remain a dream I know.

    The current rules for Academy and Development Football is a joke.

  • @Malone Roger Johnson was discarded by Pompey and Bournemouth before arriving at Adams park and not Chelsea the club he supported.

  • I think your all missing @malone point here. By the way you missed Charles Dunne. The players he mentioned were all from the same couple of crops really. Ibe was with us form 12 so he is without doubt in my book one of ours.

  • there also seems to be a fair few players cropping up in various first teams recently who were in the last set of wycombe youth players before it shut down. Jake Gray, Josh Laurent and James Roberts off the top of my head. Such a massive shame.

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