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Lost tickets - top service

So we arrive at Villa to be told that our tickets weren't sent by Wycombe and there's nothing to be done except buy more. Which we do.

Plan was to take the stubs into the office tomorrow with the receipt for lost tickets the villa ticket seller had reluctantly provided.

No need. I'm called today by WWFC with an apology and a no quibble refund. No need to see the more expensive stubs.

Little things mean a lot...


  • Great to hear.

  • Same thing happened to me on Tuesday. Took my two kids and I was flipping raging at the time - the lady in the booth at Villa blamed the club completely.

    Called the club Wednesday afternoon and the young lady was very apologetic on the phone. She suggested that Villa staff managed to lose some of the tickets once they'd been delivered. I was offered a refund on my 2nd set of more expensive tickets which was cool. Although, if I'm being awkward, I was told the refund would be in my account within 24 hours and I've been waiting 48 hours but, hey-ho. I'm sure I'll receive the cash soon enough.

    Doubt we'll ever know what happened to a load of our tickets but the situation was dire. I've never been to an event before where I've purchased tickets, I have a reference number but I can't claim my tickets.

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