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Pierre...just how good is he?

edited January 2016 in Football

Pierre's quite incredible performances for us got me thinking...I can't honestly recall any centre half that I have ever watched with Pierre's pace, which is remarkable for a man of his size. He almost relishes forwards taking him on for pace and he never seems to lose the race. His aerial abilty both in defence and attack is brilliant, as is his defensive positioning, the only blot is his less than silky smooth distribution at times, but he seems to be able to kick with both feet. I've thought all the way back to Jack Charlton, a World Cup winner of course, and this seems fanciful I know, but I think Pierre has or will have the beating of him....different eras I know, but we had a handful of truly world class players in 66 that would get into any Premier League team today...Moore, Bobby Charlton, Jimmy Greaves and Gordon Banks. I just wish we could keep him.


  • pierre is good for league 1 team maybe championship in a couple of seasons

  • He needs to stop hoofing the ball .

  • That little inside-heel flick to turn his attacker and come away clear with the ball in the second half on Tuesday was magnificent - way above our level.

  • Still think Kourtney Hause will get to a higher level.

  • yep another undisclosed fee there

  • Mooney
    Given that Hause is a couple of years younger but is playing regular championship football probably does suggest that he will go further. But as he is a probable Premier League possible international, that's not really surprising. Pierre will have a good career at a higher level club than Wycombe. Good luck to him.

  • jeez talk about giving up we should try get promotion so we can at elast try keep our better players honestly its like people are happy staying in one division forever

  • Listen up, GA , AH and anyone else powerful. We the people, having enough ambition to please trevor, decree that Aaron Pierre should never be sold to a division higher and remain with us until richmayes decides he is a shower of shite. (Will that do for you mate?)

  • just sell him and move on, if he wants to go then we need to make as much as possible.

  • 500k should be minimum and around 1m maximum i don't see how its unrealistic plenty of players have left the lower leagues for alot more than that before

  • @trevor please name the lower league defenders that have commanded fees in excess of the minimum of half a million that you mentioned. I can't recall any but I'm old and my memory isn't what it was!

  • It's like a home of repeat idiotic comments here.

    Trevor - for the millionth time, we're not getting half a million for a league 2 defender with a year and a half left on his contract. Recognise that.

    He'll be a good player in league 1 no problems. Like Mawson he probably needs to stabilise there and work up to championship standard.

    It's an interesting one talking about "distribution". If you watch our defence, it's clear we operate a 2 touch rule. Take a touch, then knock it. It must be a tactic.

    And I'm not sure when distribution from a defender got into the top 5 or 6 qualities asked for. There's plenty of examples even in the Premier league of defenders with very low passing ability.

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