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Marketing to kids

I have mentioned this before.

Never understood why professional clubs marketing departments haven't formed partnerships with the local kids weekend league. obvious way to target kids who by definition are interested in football and seek to interest a few in their local team rather than latching on to Man United or Arsenal.

That could be this

give seats in the stand with a stadium tour to the team getting the result of the week (not necessarily the biggest win but might be a lower tam beating a top team - kids league to decide

and/or even
schedule before each league game (subject to pitch condition) a kids league game on the pitch to finish at say 230.

Get the local kids interested and a few may just get hooked. And remember before saying its all too much work and too much cost to organise that in pure financial terms, four kids hooked and going every week for the next ten years is worth
£10k - £15k.

Feels like a complete nobrainer to me. .


  • Some good ideas there Dev shouldnt WWSET be covering this.

  • I suspect a lot of this sort of thing goes on in any case but, for example, the club are rightly very protective of the pitch. If we move to AstroTurf which I would like to see (if "spared") the idea of a pre-match game for youngsters sounds excellent.

  • Could even hire out cressex school 3g pitches..Do coaching sessions then bring them down to Adams. .no brained or just use our own training facilties at booker.

  • I miss this half time penalty shootouts. Always a good indicator of the quality of the travelling fans.

  • Dr Congo & Strongest team, the away fans loved the penalty shoot outs, unfortunately the suits at WW were always in the bars having their 1/2 time cup of tea and didnt see the benefit. Plus the community scheme has lost its way since Dave Evans went to Reading.

  • It seems everyone loved the penalty shoot outs. Unless new stringent health and safety laws or some other obstacle has been introduced, they should be resumed ASAP!

  • I remember Bradford fans a few years back cheering every scored and saved penalty as though it was their own team and singing "sign 'im up" at one particularly small player.

  • @bollstickets - it's the pitch, man.

  • Do 10 or so penalties really churn up the pitch? Make them take it from 2 yards in front of the penalty spot instead maybe? They're only little after all.

  • The kids DO NOT churn up the pitch. We always got the away fans on board by using at least 2 of there own fans.

  • Must admit I'd forgotten there were ever pens from kids at half time.
    To a grown man without kids it was next to minimal "entertainment", so not sure how it was ever classed as such.
    I appreciate the other benefits though.

  • Bring them back! And put them on the TVs in the Vere and concourse so even those taking a break at half time can watch.....

  • Just seen AP is now hosting the Reading Ladies team. So along with U21 european games and Reading U21s yet kids are not allowed on the pitch as they might damage the pitch............Not sure how we make money out of these games......Whereas in vesting in the future supporters, now there is an idea.

  • they pay us to use the pitch, and it'll be more than some kids would pay!

    Agreed on the damage angle though! A bunch of 3stone kids using 1/1000th of the pitch for 5mins surely can't cause any more damage than groundsmen etc cause!

  • The community scheme and quid a kid etc do not pay any dividends. Gates might go up a bit but revenue does not and the temporary rise has never been replicated at subsequent matches. All explained a few trust meetings ago. And please, most people have their backs turned to the pitch chatting during the old pen shoot outs. Now what they do is sell mascot packages at £99 per kid (to include free adult tickets and a kit). Much better idea as the kids are usually fans anyway and the free tickets often go to friends etc (who might come back - you never know). Not sure how many "mascots" per game but sometimes it looks like +10 so a grand a match x 23 games - not too bad.

  • @Malone said
    Agreed on the damage angle though! A bunch of 3stone kids using 1/1000th of the pitch for 5mins surely can't cause any more damage than groundsmen etc cause!

    By my calculations that figure would only be accurate if we assume the goalkeeper didn't move onto the pitch. I believe it to be closer to 1/800th if we factor that in.

  • Hope that cured your insomnia @bookertease !

  • Thanks Micra. It did

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