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Trust AGM Report and Ivor Beeks

Good summary of the AGM over on
overall all seems a reasonably happy picture at the moment , not without its financial challenges but feeling far more stable off the field than what felt all rather amateurish last year. Great credit due to the trust itself and the new club chairman. Appears to be a good relationship brewing between chairman and manager. Wonder how much this stability in part explains transformation of results on the pitch.

Financials still worrying, results still show losses of £850k+ before player sales and that's still with wasps monies. What happens in a season when the player sales dry up? Much in Bucks it would appear rest on the shoulders of young Mr Ibe.

And finally, it appears that the club would have financially failed in the summer without another rummage in his trouser pocket from Mr Beeks. Guys, I know this will not be popular, but it is such a shame to see how abused and reviled he is on these boards. I understand he can be a bit arrogant and dismissive, especially when challenged and I am sure he would say himself has made some mistakes, but 30 years service to Wycombe Wanderers, I think I am right in saying each of them finishing higher in the leagues pyramid than any in the 100 years or so before, regularly putting his hand in his own pocket to keep the club going, it is hard to think of anyone more responsible for WWFC status as a football league club for 20+ years than Ivor Beeks. As such I just think he deserves a moments reconsideration from you all and then a little more respect. (bet he wont get it though!)


  • If he put his own money in as a donation to save the club in the summer then he deserves a big thank you. Not many would do that..
    As for the £850K loss, that is really worrying. It would be good to get an exact financial position regarding current debt position.

  • well said DevC

  • "I'm sure he would say himself has made some mistakes". Why are you so sure and when will he do this?

    He made some MASSIVE mistakes but these would have been forgiven if not for his arrogant, "This is MY football club" attitude and his outright and blatant contempt for anyone who asked sensible questions on the financial running of the football club or of his secretive ways of working.

    Also, i think that until we know the details of the "donation" and specifically whether it was greater than the interest and rent that the club is paying him for the Training Ground which he now owns, then your panegyric is premature.

  • Altogether I was very happy with the meeting. The club certainly seems yo be hoping in the right direction.

  • Freudian slip, MW? Trust you meant "moving"!!

  • I thought he meant hopping

  • Does anyone recall which players were sold during the accounting period or which players we may have received payments for during the period? In other words, who did we sell for a combined £640k?

  • Totally agree with DevC

  • Or hobbling.

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