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A response to PBo - reflections on today

FA Cup magic with us once again
Young Boys faces all aglow
As their dads proudly tell them stories
Of Filbert Street and Essandoh

Of course its not always like that
Still trying to forget the joys
Of defeats at Basingstoke Town
And City of Norwich Old School Boys

But at last this years day arrived
Cup fever in the air
Crowds surged again up Hillbottom
About the rain they did not care

Cos today the mighty Chairboys
once more would be giant killers
Even our squad of free transfers
Were surely better players than Villa’s

It started badly to be honest
The terrace soon made little noise
Villa passed around quite nicely
At times felt like men against young boys

In truth a goal was coming
And then suddenly it came
And as the Blues created little
Villa dominated the game

The second half started much better
More hope suddenly and then
Well lets be absolutely honest
We got a dodgy pen

Joe slammed it home , now it was level
The game now there to be won
"Attack Attack" screamed Gareth
The team responded as one

“Avant Avant” screamed Mr Garde
But these days its really not fashion
For this pathetic Villa side
To show any sign of passion

Heads went down, chins on their chest
It really was a bit of a cheek
To think that this bunch of "footballers"
Each earn thousands every week

They didn’t really want to be there
They hadn’t really wished to come
No they just wanted to go home
Even though home was only Brum

So the chairboys bossed the second half
The terrace made a din
But in truth never quite had the quality
To force a famous win

Finally the referee blew his whistle
Gareth punched the air
And the pundits on the TV
Agreed the draw had been quite fair

So back we go to Villa Park
Perhaps a raising of eyebrows?
This time among the Brummies
Instead of a horde of Northern Scouse

But how to feel about today
In truth hard to be sure
Cos today we were at home to Villa
And we only got a bloody draw.


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