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BT Sport 2 link

edited January 2016 in Football

I have never had any viruses etc from this site.
Initially you will be told you can not get full screen or full brightness, to get around this click on one of the other channels on the left such as Skysports 1 then click back on BT Sport 2 and you will get access to full screen and full brightness.

I suggest installing an adblocker such as - - to get rid of annoying popups.

Coverage of match starts at 12, and preamble show now - if you can put up with Robbie Savage. Lawrie Sanchez also a guest now with Saint Martin later.

Going to turn down volume and listen to @bluntphil on Player.

Also looking forward to my local game at Hartlepool next week.


  • having issues. have clicked on sign up but still getting pop ups in front of image. frustrating! any ideas?

  • don't sign up, you don't need to. look for the deceptively small X buttons on the edges of the pop-ups and close them all.

  • ok thanks. have managed to get rid of one of the pop ups but still have "sorry you can't watch this content as guest. please continue to create free account". if I click on any part of it is loads page to log on to thanks

  • Don't need to sign up. If you've got adblocker installed you won't get those requests

  • thanks, will install the ad blocker you suggested, cheers everyone

  • that's sorted it, thank you all very much. COYB

  • Use feed2allp2p4 there's no problem with buffering and has Sky Sports or BT Commentary, i use it to watch Sky channels for free.

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