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Peter Murphy out for rest of the season

edited January 2016 in Football

Peter Murphy suffered cruciate ligament damage during our match on Saturday. I am sure we all wish him all the very best with his upcoming operation and subsequent recovery. Good luck Peter!


  • TomTom
    edited January 2016

    All the best to him

    (I edited your post to the correct spelling!)

  • What a shame. Having made such a good start to season 14/15 with wwfc, he will begin 16/17 recovering from two major injuries and having played only a handful of game in 18 mths. Here's hoping he makes a full recovery and can get his career back on track.

  • Yes spell checker changed cruciate to crucial. Bloody nuisance. Thank you Tom.

  • The cruciate ligaments are rather crucial.

    Best wishes to our friend from Bauhaus of course.

  • What a plain awful season for him.

    Last Aug-Oct or so he was going great guns, hefty salary, new team, top of the league, scoring loads. And now this. Hope it turns.

  • Why mention 'hefty salary' @Malone ? I'm sure he's not on the povity line at Morcambe and how much he earns distracts from everything else you say.

    He was flying early last season and I wish him all the best in his latest rehab. Hopefully we'll see him back playing at a high level next season.

  • Well he got a payment from us, which I'd strongly think would bridge the gap, but ok, I take your point.

    Glad I took out the bit that he could easily have been sent off on Saturday, as being unnecessary!

  • Sadly, twas definately a second yellow card from where I was sitting, a bit of a 1991 FA Cup Gazza injury. I wish him well though.

  • I agree. Definate second yellow. Might have helped us in the game (only might though) but Murphy has bigger worries now. Might have to move back in to the back four when he comes back.

  • I was erring on the side of ignoring the challenges in the circumstances, but as 2 separate tackles they could definitely have been two yellows.

    Can't imagine many refs would be that brave 10mins in though.
    And none at all would dare give a clearly seriously smashed player a red as he walked off.

    Nothing like the Gazza one though come on, that was a mental sprinting lunge! Which he may not have felt the need to do if the bottling ref hadn't let him off for "exuberance" for studding chest high into some poor twat earlier!

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