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Brian Lee MBE

Just seen it on the BBC
I think it is justified.
Good guy.


  • Remarkably modest level of honour (compared to those awarded to certain lesser mortals) for a man who has contributed so much to football and, for all I know, to other spheres of activity.

  • The fact that Mr Lee deducted points from the PNL, when he was chairman of the Conference deserved that gong alone.
    Without all his other achievements.

  • @ChasHarps LOL, thoroughly agree.

  • I had a lot to do with Brian Lee when he was in charge of Bisham Abbey. He was very easy to deal with, professional and straightforward. In his position there he had a great deal to do with sports other than football and was very helpful at all times.

  • In his role as Chairman of the Conference Brian made a real stand to get member clubs to put their respective houses in order financially. In the age of crass over-spending it wasn't universally accepted but has proved to be the blueprint for a league to stay solvent. Well done Brian! And also for the memories of my early days supporting WWFC when he was Manager. Some great times, at a great old ground with some great fans. Memories like this will never fade!!!

  • I only really know him from the Wycombe history books but he seems to have been absolutely one of the great managers in our history. From his interviews in the 70s he seems to have valued the fact that football is above all sport and not enterprise. I'm glad he's been recognised in this way. The game would benefit greatly if more of his kind were involved.

  • Hear hear - well said @WildWestFC and Andy. Brian was of course the manager in January 1975 when his "we've no chance" before the Middlesbrough replay proved to be shrewd psychology. Jack Charlton had said "we'll murder them at Ayresome Park" (or words to that effect). We held out until near the end (?) of Extra Time and lost 1-0. John Maskell in goal was superb.

    I doubt whether Gareth Ainsworth will make that kind of comment before the replay at Villa Park!

  • My abiding memory of the match at home was of one of the visiting supporters calling out in despair "give us a kick". I still feel that our team played better that day than any we had before or since.

  • Do you remember when he was manager and the sponsorship (Rothmans) included payments for fair play? I think we managed two full seasons with just two bookings. Playing the game the right way was always his philosophy.
    Agree with the comments about the Middlesbrough games - played them off the park at home when they were second in the league (although I'd make a case for the Preston PO final being the best we've ever played over a pint or two).
    @micra - it was actually in the 89th minute I think they scored up there. Probably for the best - we were dead on our feet and I think they would have murdered us in extra time. The reception at the end of the game when all 30000 in the ground sang 'Wycombe, Wycombe' still brings a lump to my throat when I think about it

  • @bookertease - yes, of course, I remember comments now about how we would have been massacred in extra time.
    Wasn't there as too many work/domestic commitments. Am I right in remembering that John Maskell was carried off at the end by Middlesbrough players shoulder high?

  • I was there,don't think he was carried off but he had an outstanding game.Brian Lee is a legend.In the six years he was manager we had outstanding success whilst playing attractive and clean football.He also,of course went onto mastermind our move to AP.

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