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Martin Ling

Rather sad news that Martin Ling has had to step down from Swindon manager for "health reasons"

Ling had previously left the Torquay job having suffered a mental health issue. Issues of mental health remain one of societies taboos. It was great to see ling recover to take on a high profile role in his chosen profession. Shame on this occasion it appears not to have worked out. Hope he gets well soon.


  • It's very sad to hear of a really good footballing man having to leave his job due to health reasons. I thought about whether the news today was linked to his previous and documented depression. I didn't see any link mentioned didn't really want to risk opening another Nikki Bull debate.

    I really hope Martin Ling gets well soon. I have met and spoken to him and found his enthusiasm for the game infectious. I also hope idle speculation doesn't hinder that process.

  • Very sad as he got Swindon winning again and is a favourite of their fans,hopefully it's something he can recover from.

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