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  • The complete cretin, another sorry episode for Leeds. They should be one of the top 3 clubs in the country considering they are in a one-team city of that size.

  • The bloke's an idiot but there is a valid point to be made about the way Sky mess fixtures about. We all know it's two sets of supporters that make the atmosphere the broadcasters love to laud, but they pay no attention to them when it comes to tearing up the schedules.

    I work with a number of Derby County fans - they get games moved all the time and it's very difficult for them to plan train journeys to away matches in good time. Often it's not even possible for them to get back from games that are moved into the evening.

    It really would be good to see a bit of a mutiny but really, the clubs should insist on some scheduling safeguards in the contract.

  • Whilst the Leeds guy is an idiot I totally agree with his point and partly agree with his stance. Sky TV gave made the players the kings and given no regard to the supporters at all. The number of Leeds games on TV is pathetic and should be more even

  • How does he think it'd be if they were the huge club they still think they are! The United/City/Chelsea/Arsenal type clubs probably have 20 games a season moved for tv!

  • I agree 100 percent . Sky has made football all about money and ruined the game

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