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What has happened to Ephraim?

He seems to only exist within the Twittersphere now. Surely he could have found another league two club at the very least?


  • At 27 years old it is a terrible waste of talent in my opinion.

  • That he seems to have chosen to just do nothing, rather than use his gift, at 27 probably sums up the guy really.

    Youth really is wasted on the young

    Can't imagine a few years of squad filler wage will keep him going for life. Probably blown it already

  • Perhaps he's got a job? I mean other than football.

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    @Malone, Ephraim earn't a packet at QPR, allegedly @ £15-20k a week for a few seasons. My guess he's content with his booty he's made to care.

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    surely nowhere near that for so long! If so he wouldn't have bothered having a year on £300 a week!

  • @Malone, Hogan has made a lot of money during his stint with QPR a and while he was loaned out by them was ofc still on his regular wage.

    Reason Hogan joined us, was to resurrect his football career, he had all the skill and tricks, but the high intensity, energy , tracking back and forth we play, doesn't suit every player unfortunately.

  • If you had millions would you be that keen on carrying on working with all the hard training it involved?

  • I doubt very much he has millions, he also has no desire.

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