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Brilliant news if true: Harriman on a permanent deal!


  • Never really trusted the HITC news feed but would be brilliant news if true. I'm going to park this and not worry or think about it until it becomes more official

  • I'll believe that when I see it.

  • I think there maybe something in this, as i heard a rumour we had agreed a deal to sign him permantly in the summer, only for a hitch to occur, but then the deal was resurrected as a loan with a view to a permanent signing.
    And as Gaz was very much bigging Harriman up in the press recently, i have a strong suspicion he has already signed on the dotted line.
    What a crimbo present that will be.

  • Like others I would love it to be a reality but trusting a rumour website is more often than not going to end in disappointment so I will put this one in the drawer for later. What I find difficult is that Hasslebank would not want to take a look at his stock before deciding whether to keep or let loose?

  • heard that too Chas. Was a list of signings, which all happened, but Harriman didn't. Then it came out he'd signed a new deal, then it came out he'd signed on loan. All very odd.

    My first thoughts were, that he was completely unnecessary as Jombati was pretty strong and we had Rowe/Bean other options for cover, but the way he's performed on the right of midfield arguably makes him the number 1 name on the sheet

  • Few sources on twitter saying it's a permanent deal..excellent xmas present.

  • If true...that's great news. Another coup for GA.

  • That would be a ridiculously amazing signing, he's obviously far too good for this league.

    QPR have been pushing him up on Twitter though and social media, saying what a great time Harriman is having. I'd be surprised.

  • The thing that makes me doubt this is that Lu'un wanted him to sign for them in the closed season, but QPR were demanding too much cash. If Lu'un couldn't afford the asking price, I doubt we could, even if we're blowing some unbudgeted cup run cash to do it.

    Anyway, I hope I'm wrong.

  • Ewan - QPR coaching staff will have seen him close at hand and Hasselbank himself will have also watched him.

    QPR have an aspiration to get back in the Premier and have the financial clout of the owner to get there. Whilst Harriman is a good player it is unlikely that he would ever be a Premiership or top Championship player and QPR would be looking for better.

  • Mr @PBo Luton wanted him for free, but as QPR offered him a new contract they could demand a fee. My source from the QPR end informed me that Wycombe met the fairly low asking price, but for some reason or another the deal fell through. Harriman Suprisingly then signed the deal at QPR, and even more suprisingly soon signed on Loan for WWFC. Perhaps the loan deal was a temporary measure to enable a permanment move to be put in place, once the finer details were ironed out.

  • Great if it's true... banton to Hartlepool was on the same site and turned out to be true fingers crossed. Who was the last player we paid a fee for?

  • Incredibly, we paid a fee to take Reece Styche on loan not that long ago - does that count?

  • Reece Styche! Bizarre deal that was, loan from a lower club of a player back from a serious injury.

    If arguing with the ref and linesman made you a top player, he'd have been one of the best

  • Bizarre indeed... rendell the last 100k plus player?

  • Still think this could spark a mini bidding war involving some league 1 clubs, (aka Peterborough?), a level I believe he is capable of. Let's hope the persuasive tongue of Gareth can get this one through.

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