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Matt ingram

Is it just me or does anyone else think he is extremely overrated? He never comes off his line I find it so frustrating watching him I'd image it comes from ainsworth but he never once rolls it out the full backs on Saturday he could of caught a ball instead punched it and caused problems the way ainsworth raves on is over the top yeah he's a good shot stopper but that's expected of a keeper if the rumours of villa are true I sauce let him go invest in a creative midfielder and get an experienced keeper for next to nothing


  • Do you also consider punctuation overrated?

  • Bitten bag head

  • wind up merchant above !!!!

  • @MindlessDrugHoover You got one question mark. Don't be greedy!

  • Ainsworth manages and is the architect of the of the side he puts out. I would say the team mirrors GA game plans and Ingram punts it forward as oppose to rolling it out as instructed, I would guess as it's not if the defenders are looking to bring it out from the back.

    I rate Ingram big time. The amount of dead cert goals he has saved is staggering.

  • "Is it just me" yes

  • He is a young man, still learning, great shot stopper. Not over-rated at all. I haven't seen many keepers better than him come to AP.

  • ! think he is an excellent keeper who has saved us from defeat or heavier defeats on many occasions. I do think,however,that someone in authority at the club needs to take him in hand with regard to his obvious time wasting -pulling up his socks,checking his studs,taking an age to place the ball for a goal kick etc. The referee on Saturday was watching him like a hawk and spoke to him about it. It is so unnecessary ,does not endear him to home fans and riles away support.

  • @Hughie Do you not think that somebody in authority at the club has already spoken to him about this? And, indeed, told him to do it?

  • I agree it's a bit irritating, but I get more peeved with JJ's meandering stroll to the corners to be honest. All attacking momentum gets lost. (Except when we score of course!)

  • Are you guys for real? You think this is their own initiative and that the management have no part in it?

    The time wasting is part of Ainsworth's tactical plan. We press very, very hard, and then take breathers at goal kicks and set pieces.

  • I don't get all the criticism of our playing style, to me the pressing is great and if we are time wasting it's usually because we are winning!
    We play some good football as well, last Saturday there were several periods of neat one touch around the Oxford box.

  • If,as some of you suggest,Ingram is being encouraged by management to time waste,then I despair and if you then dare to call it 'professionalism',it makes it even worse.How about introducing some sportsmanship back into the game ,or is that a dirty word these days ?

  • Obviously part of the plan, and it works! I don't know what planet people who moan at these things are from, its always happened, and all successful teams do it.

    Even Barcelona were masters of cynical fouls to stop momentum, making the most of any contact, and surrounding the ref en masse screaming for him to take action.

    I remember being a teenager In what is now the family stand, watching Mike Forsyth telling a ball boy not to rush collecting a ball that had gone out of play, and the look on his face when the kid ignored him, sprinted and rushed the ball back into his hands!

  • last year was even more blatant. I think out of the first 6 goals we scored, on 5 of them a player went down "doing his laces up" to delay things!

  • If the "time wasting " is encouraged by management, it can only be to enable the players to recover as suggested by Bill-Stickers. It does however produce the possibility of yellow cards which with a small team could be counter productive come the end of the playing year. We have players who could use the quick throw out to counter attack, but regrettably we seem to let these opportunities pass. It would be great if this changes as we get closer to the 60 points, and go to the next "target".

  • It seems that teams waste, say, 5 minutes but have about 8 minutes added on.

  • when was the last time we had 8mins added on wingnut? Except for when someone's had a bad injury and been down for ages.

  • Ingram is one of the best keepers in league 2. Time wasting, punting/hoofing up top , socks up, sniper wounds, lace undone and not using the backs to bring out the ball is more than likely been instructed by our coaching staff. The lads play with high intencity 99% of most games, so need them delaying time outs to catch their breath and ensure our shape and formation.

    Our style of play, isn't going to change any time soon, I am afraid. It works and I can't fault it, even though I sulk for some pass an move alot more, but we do get teased when it's called for and I love it.

    Regarding Ingram not commanding his box with more confidence, is an area that can be worked on, until then defenders (plus the rest of the team) defend and be first to the ball on corners/set pieaces and the midfielders/strikers score a few more than the opposition. Job done.

  • Back to the original post , I agree. A Championship level shot stopper but (& a big but) his 6 yard box domination is non-league. He seems to back his shot stopping so doesn't come for obvious catches or even worse changes his mind which grows his defenders. Also you never see him bollocking the defence. It is his box he needs to own it. Most frustrating player in the team for me.

  • Matt Ingram is an interesting one. So much talent, so much potential, yet so much chance of it going unrealised unless he corrects his glaring flaws in the box, especially at corners.

    I wonder how much better a goalkeeper be would be now if Lee Harrison had stayed at the club. Nothing against Baz Richardson personally but his main job must be to take Ingram to the next level yet I don't think Matt's shown any particular improvement in the last couple of seasons.

    It seems strange saying this but if there's one player I'd be happy to see leave Adams Park next month it's Ingram. I want to see him playing much higher up the pyramid but I think he'll only do that with better coaching. Sell him, bring in a Tom Heaton-esque loanee from the upper echelons for half a season, and invest the proceeds from the sale into a new talented youngster and / or more support for Lynch for next season.

  • I really don't want him to leave. Unless we get megabucks.

  • That's surprises me that Ingram still doesn't dominate his box and reluctantly comes for the odd cross or free kick. I lay the blame at Richardson's door. Surely he can knock up defensive corners and set piece drills sessions that involves the Ingram coming off his line, jumping, catching, punching and ordering his defence shape. If not someone is steeling a living as I doesn't look like Baz does or Ingram is ignoring him ?

    PS I notice pre match, strikers shoot at goal with no keeper. When is there ever empty net and Ingram does a cross sessison with nobody in the box for high balls pumped to him from Baz, again not simulating a game with players in and around the box. Understand that we don't want to pick up any pre match injuries but c'mon passively we can and should simulate a game conditions.

    Shooting into a empty net & crosses with no warm bodies in the box, really.

  • Maybe he needs a different goalkeeping coach to encourage him to dominate the box as he should be doing.

  • An option would be to bring in a part time talented goalkeeping coach even if it was just once a week. I appreciate that this would cost money we don't have, but it might significantly enhance his natural ability and consequently his transfer fee when he eventually leaves.

  • @mooneyman - 3 questions - what makes a talented goalkeeping coach and how do you know that Barry Richardson isn't one? Secondly, why would such a "talented" goalkeeping coach want to work part time when there would surely be clubs also requiring their talents and would pay highly to secure them?

  • I wonder if the pre-match training might Not be reflective of the training that happens during the week. And I'm confident in the abilities of Barry Richardson, there seems to be little reason to doubt him so far.

    Ingram is, what, 10 years off his prime as a keeper. And plenty of experienced keepers struggle with making the judgement of when to come claim crosses. He's a great keeper and is only going to get better - and he is one of the reasons we continue to overachieve.

  • One thought is that Ainsworth does want his centre backs to attack crosses and maybe Ingram is told to stay out of the way and on his line. He's a great keeper with a weakness. I'd say that makes him the same as almost every goalkeeper playing pro football. I don't think it's that cut and dried it's a coaching problem.

  • I wasn't talking about any specific team. Just making the point that added time is often in excess of the time actually wasted in the match.

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