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Wycombe's use of social media ranked 2nd best of 148 professional UK sports clubs

'notable inclusions in this year’s top ten included Leeds Rhinos, who climbed an impressive 46 places on last year and Wycombe Wanderers FC, who continue to impress with their strong social media presence, finishing second this year.'


  • Great news but I did witness numerous Wycombe fans being turned away unaware it was tickets for home fans against Oxford so to rely fully on social media to communicate with fans without using more traditional methods may be a little short sighted ?

  • and how do u propose such short notice issues are communicated ??? some people will never be fun***** happy.

  • Well done guys, something to be proud of. Keep up the good work!

  • to be fair much has improved since the dark days of the official site being known as "the offal" on the old-skool Gasroom. Obviously official outlets are restricted on being able to report many matters (e.g. transfers) until things are signed sealed and delivered, so they'll always be slower than media that are able to speculate at will, but they do a pretty good job considering.

  • Interesting given the number of complaints on here about the general lack of communication from the club. But brilliant given the limited resources and well done to all involved.

    I'm sure many on here will also be gratified to see that they take marks off for poor spelling and grammar!

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