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  • will be a good move. And between him, Pierre and Stewart, Jombati and JJ we have a cracking set of defenders.

    Do wonder about Rowe though. Seems to have become completely marginalised. Seemingly no chance of starting at the back, and last chance in midfield.

    Did the plan change on route, or was he always meant as a backup?

  • What about a Defensive Midfielder, protect the back four, but bring the ball out in a Mawson role ?

  • can't see him getting ahead of Bloomfield and ONien, and with Bean to come back too.

  • Rowe is only 19 or 20 and on a long term deal. His chance will come.

  • Rowe's time will come if he earns it. Matt Bloomfield was the last member of the squad to see game time this season but he sat tight, worked hard and got his chance.

  • If I were him, I'd be putting the hard work in for sure, but when you see Jombati and Jacobson, both with 2 1/2 years left on their deals, Pierre and Stewart both clearly favoured over you, and then even if one of these gets injured we just go out and get the likes of Donacien or McCarthy in on loan, then it does look pretty hard to get in.

    Midfield wise, O Nien is basically a better version of everything Rowe could be there, and he's not going to get in over Bean when fit.

  • But it is very doubtful O'Nien will be here next season so that could be a chance for Rowe.

  • We could say that about several of our players.

  • Luke O Nien has a very long way to go before he will be moving on from this club, I believe new deals for him and the skipper will be announced over the next few weeks.

  • How long has pierre got left?

  • I agree with you Rich Mayes on O Nien, which surprises me, as I originally thought you were a wind up poster. Probably just an "always negative" poster instead, which is a bit o a distinction.

    Erm, anyway, O Nien's tidy, and gets around well, but I'm not sure scouts would leave our games thinking he's the man to sign.

    Pierre, Ingram and the full backs probably the biggest risk, and Holloway the most potential, if he ever gets his head on it.

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