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  • SO... he's open to becoming the owner...mmm

  • What a shame that option isn't available to him then...

  • No but I'm guessing at some point the option will be put to the trust to either vote the club over to him or the club will go into administration.

  • Here we go again. I look forward to another round of arguments about 'the money he's putting in' (loans) and anyone dissenting being held up as 'lacking ambition'.

  • As a Trust member there's nothing stopping him donating all the money we need to be successful is there?

    The problem is, as Steve Hayes found out, he'd end up having more fun setting fire to his money than owning a 4th division football club.

  • The article actually says he wants the club to remain being owned by the fans and there is the mention of a benefactor rather than an owner.

  • He says he wants Adams Park to remain owned by the fans, but he is open to being the football clubs benefactor. Which probably means he's open to being the owner of the football club, whilst the ground remains under Trust ownership.

    At present FALL own Adams Park.

  • Good spot :) I should learn to read more thoroughly....

  • Very positive comments at the AGM this week, sensible without emotion. I also had a good chat with Andrew after the meeting and he seems to be a voice of reason so am grateful he's involved with the club. As a trustee we have to be always careful with the stewardship of the club but we also need people with good business brains to help make the most of what we have and he seems to be bringing this the club and so I for one am grateful he's involved in the club.

  • Hayes was the same. See how that turned out...

  • Totally different kettle of fish. Wasn't chairman. Never talked about running the club as a business and was part of a set-up which allowed finances to run out of control.

  • Steve Hayes talked about breaking even all the time, said he didn't want to fund things himself forever, which was fair enough really.

  • So it is ok to say your aim is to break even and not fund the club forever and then just walk away leaving huge debts and the club on the brink of Administration. I amazed that people like you are defending this man.

  • I'm not defending anyone, just stating that Steve Hayes regularly talked about getting the club to a position where it could fund itself.

  • Sadly, no-one running the club at the time seemed to have a clue about controlling finances and blissfully threw shedloads of money at players whose commitment to Wycombe Wanderers proved, in too many cases, to fall short of what was required to sustain success on a consistent basis.

    We now have a "driven" chairman who is determined to sort out the financial side and who clearly has an excellent relationship with our equally driven manager. Gareth Ainsworth has proved to be an extremely shrewd judge of players' footballing qualities and (equally important) character.

    I am one of the older supporters. This is my twentieth year of retirement and I have been a season ticket holder for over 40 years. I am more excited about the present set-up than I have been for many a year and look forward to putting in my two pennorth when the share scheme comes into operation later this month.

  • Hayes could talk the talk as well as anyone. He was persuasive, and said the right things. At least up until the point he didn't need to any more.

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