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  • Amazingly deluded as expected from the biggest bunch of muppets in this league.

    Trying to say that Pierre would struggle with pace? He clearly wasn't watching the game then as Pierre is one of the quickest players on the pitch and had no problem catching any of their attackers if they did get half a yard

  • Enjoyed reading that. Some good, rabid, one-eyed nonsense.

    Loved the comment about the long grass. Not even sure Mouriniho used that excuse.

  • They love to pretend it's not a real derby, but by god they get upset when they lose it. At least one of them admitted some of their fans are scum.

  • I didn't realise seats had been ripped up? I was in the corner of the family stand down near the away end, the bunch of morbidly obese balding middle aged ultras weren't even watching the game they spent the whole time facing us abusing teenagers two of them were sat in front of us in block c and took it on them self's to rub it in our faces when they equalised so they were soaked by my bottle of water and rightly ejected....sad sad men I'd image they are very content hmmmm

  • Got bored with their comments.All so predictable. .Oxford was not at the races end off!
    Thought oxford were decent if we allowed them too.Our style is not pretty but effective and play to our strengths.

  • it's almost like fans aren't happy when they lose to us :-)

  • I am at a bit of a loss as to why everybody hates us so much. Yesterday was a good game. Nearest foul to a red was on O Nien. I dont recall either keeper making much of a save, yes we are slow to take corners and free kicks but thats listening to the coaches. Thompson scoring was testament to that. The Oxford criticism of our ground is a bit rich coming from a team who have a ground that remains unfinished. We are not the only team that plays to much hoofball, but we are not blessed with great ball players. Finally what was the comment about the "long grass".

  • They really need a wake up call on many levels. The money they have spent they should be streets ahead of us. They are not. They were well beaten yesterday and it not been for the width of a post the victory would have been comfortable.
    As for the behaviour of a small section of their fans they really just need to grow up. They seem to think they are existing the 70's or 80's (when they were a modest success i guess). You don't go to grounds and act like that. They are just embarrassing. Not at all threatening simply embarrassing.
    Certainly seen far better sides down at AP this season and can't see them threatening the top 3. Maybe once again their money will disappear and they will go back to their natural level.

  • @TheAndyGrahamFanClub to be fair on them, most of us will only have seen them in this one game and their record this season suggests they're better than what they showed yesterday. Though you are bang on the money about the disparity in resources between the two clubs, we're definitely punching above our weight when it comes to the wages we can pay.

  • All I remember from Oxford is them passing it around their defence, and then pumping it long.

  • if anything, Oxford's players looked the pumped up physical outfit.

    Although that may have been down to their skintight shirts and being tucked in!

    They had one winger who was about the same size across as in height!

  • edited December 2015

    Awesome win and a nice weekend. I couldn't help myself and troll through the PNL forum.

    I feel sorry for them to be frankly honest as opposed to our forums, when we play bad or not at the races, we here on this forum respond with honest comments, tongue and cheek banter and discussions and usually all on point.

    PNL for the position of 2nd in the league where awful. Pierre, Stewert, JJ had their so called fast players in their pockets for pace and strength.

    McCarthy was to busy skipping and waltzing past their midfield in their half to be concerned with their so called pacy front line as it was clearly men versus boys with skin tight tops and if Sam had scored, "wood" been the icing to my weekend.

    They where dire in the first half, hitting long balls that where bread and butter for Stewert and Pierre. It wasn't until they made a 2nd sub and scored in the 2nd half, PNL changed their approach and hitting players feet (wingers), with fast intricate passes in and around the box, which caused mayhem and our defenders concern. Otherwise they hit long balls which was their forte for majority of the game until last 20 minutes they stopped hoofing it.

    Simply put it, PNL are suffering from delusions of grandeur.

    PNL do yourselves a favor and watch your low lights, as 3/4 of the game you were dreadful.

  • @prufrock_91 said:
    All I remember from Oxford is them passing it around their defence, and then pumping it long.

    You forgot a very important step in their total football. Their keeper did roll it to his defence.

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