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Cheers for the favor

Good of you to do us a favor and help send us back to the top for Christmas by beating Oxford, tis appreciated. Now just out of interest when and against who is your game in hand to be played? because until then you really are in a false position. we all now you're better than 9th.


  • That's very gracious @pilgrim. Leyton Orient on 23 January are the only top half team we are due to play before we visit PAFC. Thanks again for the compliment and compliments of the season to you!

  • Accrington away, postponed last weekend and not yet re-arranged. Will be tough.

  • the league can change very quickly. Wasn't that long ago Plymouth seemed to be a country mile ahead of everyone. Then didn't win for weeks.

    Hoping we can have a bit of the reverse of that and go on a proper run.

    Play offs have got to be the goal.

  • Can't it just but as for the "Play offs have got to be the goal", meh. Aim higher because i'd put money on you getting in the play offs at the very least with no flannel. I suppose it's easier to see from the outside sometimes when you have no attachment. You beat one of the better sides in my view today, a side that deserve to be where they are so why the doubts?.

  • Thanks for the compliments Pilgrim.

    To answer your question, we are a changed side from that which beat you in the play offs last season. Three members of that team (Mawson, Yennaris, Saunders) were on loan from Brentford and are all playing at a higher level this year.

    With one or two exceptions (particularly our joint top scorer Harriman, another loanee) so far our close season signings have not been of the same calibre. Given this and the resources at our disposal, consensus is that playoffs this season would be a tremendous achievement.

    By the way, great to see how a change of manager has rejuvenated your club. What gates are you averaging currently - 7/8k? Way too big a club for this division!

  • Yes mate the gates are about that but until we pay off creditors we shan't be seeing the real benefit of them which is the way it should be. That is the problem with loan players and just about every club in the lower divisions have to use the loan system or sink but GA seems to have learnt to choose wisely, I would still put money on you guys making the playoffs at a the very least. Hope you all have a merry Christmas and all that you hope for in the new year.

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