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  • 1-3 sounds uncharacteristically pessimistic but may be realistic in the context of our last three home games against Oxford and the fact that their top 6 goal scorers have managed twice as many as ours. Their away form and our indifferent home form also point in the direction of an unhappy outcome.

    We have been torn apart on the break too often this season at home and it might be necessary to treat this more like an away game and sit much deeper. I am hoping against hope that Sido will be available because, before his enforced move to right back, I gather that Jason McCarthy was starting to look Mawsonesque alongside Aaron Pierre.

    We can win this one.

  • I had a total knee replacement operation Wednesday and was hoping to make the match. Now been told I'm not coming out until Monday. Given our recent home from it could be a blessing in disguise. Is the match being broadcast on any live radio? Might be able to sneak a radio in.

  • You must be a supreme optimist @EwanHoosaami! I acquired a new hip - a much more straightforward "ball and socket" joint - on 18 October 2008 and hoped to get to the home game against Macclesfield 10 days later. I probably could have struggled in (with a lift, of course) but didn't and that was just as well because the game was abandoned after 23 minutes because of heavy snow. And here we are in mid December barely needing a fleece.
    Hope you make a swift recovery.

  • Last match we had the same referee was at home against Oxford and ended in a 1-3 loss, so a repeat of that relatively uncommon scoreline would be an interesting coincidence.

    Whatever the exact score may be, I am not greatly optimistic about Wycombe's chances tomorrow and would consider a draw a good result. That said, I think we have a genuine chance of winning the following three matches, so could still have a successful 9 or 10 point Christmas and New Year.

  • @micra cheers mate. Optimist I was as they tod 2-4 days at the present op assessment, thought I might get away with it. Especially as I was going to have the op the previous Thursday but it git postponed 5 days. Ah well don't have a good feel about the game anyway so probably for the best mind you had the same feel about Milwall away and look what happened! Hope I can stream the match in on my phone as compensation
    All the best for the match to the blues fans.

  • But when the blast of war blows in our ears,
    Then imitate the action of a tiger,
    Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood,
    Disguise fair nature with hard favoured rage

    3-1 to us no problem. COYB!!!

  • The referee last time we played Oxford was Oliver Langford not Neil Swarbrick

  • This is Swarbrick's first season as a FL referee.

  • He is a Premier League Official and has been for 3 years at least.

  • Neil Swarbrick (born 20 December 1965) is an English professional football referee who officiates primarily in the Premier League having been promoted to the Select Group of Referees in 2011.

  • @richmayes999 I wasn't commenting on the "last time we played Oxford"; I was commenting on the last match we had the same referee.

  • who was the opponent ?

  • As per my earlier post: Oxford United

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    He isnt one of the better select group officials

  • @richmayes999 Who was the opponent that we beat 3-1 since Neil Swarbrick took charge of the 3-1 defeat to Oxford in October 2012?

  • neat amendment to your previous post @richmayes999

  • I listened to bbc oxford on Saturday , briefly ! Thy think they have won the league already and were expecting a win against Carlisle they didn't so if they carry on with that attitude we could get a result a draw at least

  • I fully expected us to lose against Portsmouth but was heartened by the first half display so who knows? Another draw against upper table opposition would be okay...I suppose.

  • Close game. Cagey, direct and defensive (high intensity in your face) from us.

    So 1-1, providing we bring our "A" game. No silly fouls, needless free kicks and no gimme's (especially when we got a corner down their end).

    If we take our chances, nudge a 2-1 win, but that's my heart talking not my head.

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    PNL seem a bit mad over a few tickets -

    Looking foward to this game for sure.

  • With all the Villa cup talk, it seems many supporters have taken their eye of the ball.
    A victory against the PNL and their deluded followers is one i crave more than any other.
    It's not just 3 points, but gloating rights until we travel to the Stade de 3 sides in May.
    Lets send the Oxon throwbacks, who muscled in on Headington United back to Cowley with tears down their 80's Donnay polo necks.

  • Just been trying to decipher what the inbreds have been saying on their ghastly "yellowsforum". Not all that easy to follow, even allowing for all the pathetic vitriol. Perhaps there is something missing...

  • You bunch of fucking non league wankers we could fill your ground

  • edited December 2015

    @mason said:
    You bunch of fucking non league wankers we could fill your ground

    With bicycles (borrowed) no doubt.

  • Ooops - looks like I might have struck a raw nerve!
    Lovely, eloquent response from the brain-dead yellow peril.

  • Haha not brain dead just a football that has a proper fan base unlike you non league crap

  • Who was last non league inbred @mason ?

  • Mason you've been non league more recently than us,you really should think before posting you muppet!

  • Did someone have a paddy they didn't start on Tuesday ? Score a equaliser then rewarded with benchtime. Thought GA wanted to secure AAH services.

  • Slight niggle? Team set up differently/ tactical reasons? Why search for the extreme explanation when there may be a more mundane reason?

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