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Ballboy job description

Ive noticed on a number of occasions this season, that the ball boys look less than enthusiastic to retrieve the balls.
Yesterdays chap in the far right corner, between the Frank Adams and away end set new standards for lethargy.
He sat rooted to his chair, and made no attempt to collect the ball, either when we were losing or winning.
Are they given different instructions these days ?


  • They are only in it for the last minute goal celebrations and youtube stardom thesedays.

  • edited December 2015

    This year, from what I understand, the ballboys are recruited from courses run by the WWFC Sport and Education trust and usually only do a few games. The natural result of this seems to be that they are inexperienced, and some last night displayed clear signs of not wanting to be on duty on a wet Tuesday night in December. I guess that those in charge would probably say that for every sulky one hiding in the corner, there's also one who becomes famous on the internet by celebrating a goal with Aaron Pierre...

  • The club need to get people who actually want to do the job, rather than being "press-ganged" into it. I'd give it a go myself - provided our dopey stewards were issued with strict instructions to sling anyone caught singing "you fat bastard" straight out of the ground.

  • Just get the club to announce on the tannoy prior to kick off that you don't like being called a bastard!

  • Wouldn't work. They'd throw me out for buggering about doing "keepie-uppies" while I was fetching the ball. Can't resist it - never grew up.

  • @AlgernonFudgebucket - you are a card and no mistake!

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