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One year on from Wasps moving out

An anniversary past yesterday, virtually un-noticed, 12 months ago on 14th Dec Wasps played their last match at Adams Park. Do people think the loss of Wasps has affected the club ? we never really found out if there was any real financial benefit to WWFC of having Wasps as tenants and I suspect that any hole has been filled by success on the pitch. The play-offs last season, FA Cup this season and who knows maybe another run the play-offs (or better) this season and a modest increase in the average gate would, I have thought, covered it. The pitch is better (although how long this can be maintained is debatable) and generally the stadium looks smarter and feels more like home again.

Meanwhile I noticed Wasps played in front of 9500 in a European cup game recently, and with Coventry City doing well and possibly getting promoted to the Championship, I wonder how long it will be before Wasps are the minority partner in their own stadium. I wouldn't be surprised that within 5 years (particularly if CCFC can contiune their renaissance) Wasps RUFC are looking to leave the Ricoh and move back South. (Hopefully never back at AP though).


  • Seeing the Wasps game was billed as such a huge one at the weekend I thought the stadium looked very sparse. I was speaking to a Wasps fan the other day who carried on going last season after the mid-season switch. Full of enthusiasm to start with, hasn't been once this year.
    I suppose some fans look at Wasps in Wycombe as easy come easy go. Maybe football and rugby fans are different in their connection to a team.

  • Interesting point about the pitch being better and how long it can be maintained that way. I take the fact that the Reading FC Womens team will be playing at Adams Park over the next two summers as an indication that there are no plans to re-lay the playing surface during the Football League summer break until at least 2018.

  • At the recent trust AGM, Andrew Howard mentioned that there were not the funds available to maintain the pitch in it's current condition. He also expected the FL to approve the use of 4G pitches within a couple of years. So don't be surprised if we are playing on 4G from 2018.....and that takes us back around to the future of the Training ground....

  • Wasn't it agreed that any move to an artificial pitch would be voted on by the Trust membership ????
    No doubt there will be endless propoganda to promote these sub standard plastic pitches from the powers that be.
    But i'm pretty sure after 40 years of following the Blues, if the members opt for a sterile game on an artificial pitch, i will be not alone in walking away from the Wanderers love affair, once the bounce along,bobble along surface is laid.

  • Talking to pro & ex-pro players, the main complaint about artificial pitches is they do your knees in. I'm sure for local teams playing once a week or once a fortnight this isn't a big issue but for professional players training and playing every day it does become a major concern. Of course, those making the decision about whether or not to install an artificial pitch on the whole will not have been professional footballers themselves.

  • When is the Wasps sign on the welcoming board at the entrance to Adams Park going to be removed ?

  • Why not ask the club?

  • I expect it will have had a positive effect as kids will be more likely to spend their pocket money to go and watch WWFC, and potential get hooked for life.

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