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Forget the FAC. Look at these wonderful Loakes park pics courtesy of the Gasman


  • Call me Sadder, than a Saddo from Sadminster, that's the first time ive seen those photo's and i feel riddled with guilt.
    Whilst we were enjoying our shiny new Adams Park, we often forget that our dear old Loakes wasnt laid to rest immediately.
    So there was our spiritual home, which for so many years gave so much pleasure to so many, withering in the damp and cold, whilst all its previous lovers and patrons were 'jollying it up' 2 miles up the road.
    If there is an afterlife, i wonder if a dear old slopy terraced ground has made it up there ? And we can all gather around once a week.

  • Great pics. interesting that there only looks to be a thin covering of snow in town rather than the 6" or so at Sands. I wonder if it would have been postponed if it had been at Loakes Park?

  • I used to go in there with my mates to play football on the pitch. Until the grass got about 5 foot high. Taught me to have even greater respect for Andy Graham putting his crosses in from the bottom of the slope - no mean feat!

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