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FIFA Panel Backs Winter World Cup In Qatar In 2022

I maybe a bit of a “traditionalist” but I think its absolutely disgusting that the World cup in 2020 will now probably be held in the winter, just a further shambles after the blatant bribery that has led to the tournament being held in Qatar, ( I want to believe the Russia world cup is genuine as they do have the infrastructure and more than 1stadium!) I personally could give two Shits about the premiership and I doubt it will be affecting Wycombe by 2020, but I am still disgusted that the world cup is being moved like this. Apologies if this is a bit rambling and doesn’t make much sense just very Pissed off and wanted to vent.

"There are no plans to reduce the size of the tournament from 32 teams or 64 matches, but the tournament would be shortened by a matter of days."


  • The real issue is that the World Cup is taking place in Qatar at all. Compared to that, the timing of the event is fairly irrelevant.

    As for 2018, NATO may be involved in a full on land war with Russia by that point.

  • I hope not!

  • As David Davis said - it is a global game now so what's the issue?

    edited February 2015

    I disagree I don’t think it is a global game, all the major player for the majority of nations play in Europe and will probably continue to do so in 2022, and moving it to the winter will not only impact on the league games at the European level but you have the champion league going on as well. Add to that there is talk of shortening the World Cup, the winter schedules in Europe are crammed enough I just feel that this is going to end up make the world cup worse to watch. Due to the fact that players are likely to be suffering with high levels of fatigue. just my opinion though so I don’t expect everyone to agree with me :)

    I've just noticed on my first post I type 2020 an few times ops!

  • I think what you're saying is that the vast bulk of football's money is in Europe. Now, if it wasn't the irredeemably corrupt FIFA making this decision, I would be applauding their stand against the money men...

  • I think that Mr BSE is saying that the WORLD cup should only be played in countries that suit the European (and especially the English) Leagues timetable. Stuff the rest of them? Maybe we should only play it in Europe as well so our poor little darlings don't have to travel so far seeing how they get soooo fatigued! aaahh bless.

  • Sorry my fault I don't think I worded it very well. What I meant was that most elite player like Messi, Higuain , Robben, Ronaldo ,Oscar, Toure etc. they all play in European teams which are involved in a large number of fixtures around the winter time, so I just believe that the World cup will suffer, as you don't see many elite players playing for teams in the Americas, Africa or Asia (at the moment that might change in the future). And no I don't think the world cup should be played in only European countries.

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