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Game time for Lynch ?????

Not even in the squad for Braintree's 0-0 draw at home to Torquay.
Lynch has yet to appear for the Essex Club.
And with only one Conference fixture before his loan runs out on Dec 18th, its looking
unlikely he will get any games under his belt.


  • Lynch was brought in by Braintree because their first choice keeper Will Norris was injured. I assume the intention was that he would start against Kidderminster, then maybe other matches if Norris was still injured. As it turned out, the Kidderminster match was called off due to a waterlogged pitch and by the time the next match came around Norris was fit again. Norris kept a clean sheet on Saturday too, so I agree it's looking unlikely for Lynch to get game time.

    Not great for Lynch, but hopefully helping club finances by getting (at least part of) his wages paid for a month.

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    So Wycombe demand loanee fees (Lynch), but by GA admission "haven't paid a fee for a player in 3 years nevermind a loanee" seems odd to me, if so very shrewd business, asking for a fee (or part of his wages paid) the other way ?

  • Who said Wycombe were demanding a loan fee?

  • Give him a run out. Not sure what's happened to Ingram but he seems to have lost a lot of confidence since his injury. last season and the season before he was probably the best keeper in L2 (of most of L1!)- maybe he needs a rest.?

  • There's a difference between a loan fee and paying a loanees wages. I can't imagine that Lynch's wages are a significant cost though.

  • And no, let's not drop Ingram who is one of the best players in the team, and one of the best keepers in the division.

  • @Right_in_the_Middle, read @Uncle_T comments "helping clubs finances by getting (at least part of) his wages paid for a month".

  • @Ciderk1d I read the word 'hopefully' in front of it too.

  • Fees and wages are also very different.

  • @Right_in_the_Middle said:
    Ciderk1d I read the word 'hopefully' in front of it too.

    And I said I it seems odd. Given the fact we don't pay any transfers or loanee fees, given our circumstances, thus left my comment open for correction if indeed, we do ask for wage payments. So did we ?

  • The "hopefully" was included intentionally; I claim no inside knowledge of whether any payment from Braintree is due in connection with this loan. If there is no game time for Lynch AND no financial benefit, then it seems rather to be a waste of time.

    I don't see any reason, by the way, why the fact WWFC have not made payments in connection with players loaned to them should prevent them from seeking payment in respect of players loaned by them to others.

  • Emergancy loans like this are tricky there keeper took a knock so they got alex in for cover one game got cancelled then there keepers fit to play, no biggy for alex just move on to the next chance that comes his far as any money goes you must be kidding!!!

  • Alex still trains with Wycombe it is just matter of which bench he sits on on a Saturday.

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