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Nathan Evans returns

Nathan Evans has returned to Wanderers after having his loan spell at Scarborough Athletic cut short.



  • Not the best record is it. could only manage sub appearances in the main at that level. It was interesting the chat I had with Danny Rowe about him as they are Both From Middlesbrough. Basically that the general opinion was even at our level he was struggling to make any impact. Plus he is a bit of a wild one. Nutter!
  • Well its not looking promising if Nathan didn't pull up trees with his perperformances at that level.

    Nathan's "Samsung Win a Pro Contract" deal is to the end of this season. Wonder how many players do/did succeed after completing their tenure.
  • I checked on Soccerbase, I don't think either of the other 2 players who won a contract that year are featuring for their clubs - Josue Antonio at Swindon or Jake Burgess at Orient. I would think it's pretty rare that if you were really that talented that you deserved a shot, that you wouldn't get scouted at some point.
  • edited February 2015
    It's a complete gimmick. Samsung/FIFA were just banking on the extremely remote chance that one of the clubs would sign someone shit-hot who would bang in the goals, leading to much publicity.

    Wycombe, Swindon and other clubs involved probably took the offer up in the full knowledge that the cohort they had to pick a player from was gash, but that they got to link up with some big companies.

    However, it's probably my favourite Wycombe shirt since the Verco days.
  • I had heard that Gaz and Co decided a long time ago he was not anywhere near good enough for L2 so there is no chance of him getting a game even when fit
  • Cynical marketing ploys that actually mess up people's lives. That doesn't sound like something that Samsung or FIFA would do!
  • agree that the shirt was fab, not because of the Samsung logo though obviously!
  • Is Nathan the player who got involved in the scuffle with Junior?
  • Was that true or just a stupid Gasroom rumour?
  • Does anyone actually have any info on this?
    Saw him in at least one pre season friendly and didn't look terrible.

  • It's old chip paper, move on. Nathan is probably more concerned in a speedy recovery and a miracle to impress the gaffer or other football opportunities If they present themselves.

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