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50% off in the club shop

The club taking control of the shop is starting to pay off.


  • Bollocks! I bought the new polo shirt last week for £25. grrrrr!

  • Might be worth a look tomorrow. Haven't been in the shop for a long long time. Do they have much in there?

  • I ordered online but it has to be better than when Kukri were running it

  • Wowzers. Ordered a selection of items at 1 o'clock this morning and received an email about an hour ago to say my order had been despatched. Great stuff.

  • Yeah orders never take long when ordered online Fidget.

  • Ordered another shirt at 10 am this morning and just got a message saying it has been despatched. I've ordered stuff from the shop before online as i live 120 miles away but the service was never this fast,a good move by the club for us fans it seems.

  • Maybe it was a Black Friday thing but there didn't seem to be much of anything in the shop before today's match.

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