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Telephone time for Gareth

Losing two key players and three not really doing it (McGinn, Ogi, Banton) we need to freshen the squad with a loan or two to help us through the next few weeks. By the 1st week of January the season for us will be defined. It will either be treading water or being placed for a play-off challenge. No point in holding off now.


  • It would be ideal if we could win the Cup match next week and then get a lucrative third round tie. This might allow Gareth to have extra funds to pay for a couple of decent loanees.

  • With so many games to play in such a short space of time between now and new year, I'd be amazed if they were not already thinking of this.

  • Play the ball on deck a bit more and change of our style of play would be a start.

  • That's a good shout mate.

  • Last season when we lost JJ (and Sido) our season wobbled at that period was probably what cost us automatic promotion. JJ is almost irreplaceable with set pieces and attacking, defensively we have cover.
    As well as the players we have out you can bet that the front 2 are jaded and there will be others feeling it. We need extra energy to help the squad. A little raw one like Fred would do for starters.

  • @TheAndyGrahamFanClub, My 5 schillings, is that we don't play with width and don't spread the ball out wide to wingers/attacking players feet to warrant players like Fred. You must recall poor old Fred's gait and demeanour , which in my opinion he was miffed off with all those high balls he was expected to chase, hunt and get onto, eventually Fred lost his form.

  • We certainly need to find someone in the squad or on loan who can take a decent corner or free kick. JJ will be sorely missed on these and are probably worth a goal every two or three games.
    I'm not sure the club ambition (read plan) is that bothered on keeing a promotion push going though.

  • I thought Sam Wood's free kicks and corners were actually pretty good on Saturday. There were a couple of well-worked free kicks in particular - one at the end which Hollway shoud've scored and a neat chip over the defence to Paul Hayes which had just a bit too much pace on.

    However I'm afraid Wood's contribution wasn't up to much other than the free kicks. He kept coming in to the centre in a bid to get on the ball - leaving an out-of-position Jombati woefully exposed. I'm amazed Wimbledon didn't play more of their attacks down their right wing. Other than a bit of chasing down and the aforementioned free kicks, I'm not sure Wood contributed much. If we're not going to play Banton or Sellers then a pacy player on the left should be priority for a loan, with Wood able to drop down to left back as and when required while Jacobson is out.

  • @aloysius for some unknown reason Wood is first or second name on the team sheet for all that dogging, non stop running, harrying the opposition. Wood has added corners and free kicks as JJ is recovering, so we can't complain that Wood can't take a player on, dribble, be creative or score can we ?

  • He may not have been so influential this season (yet), but for the last two seasons he has been our top 'assister', so maybe he should be granted a little more respect?,,10794~201410430~26,00.html,,10794~201310430~26,00.html

  • If if wasn't him it would be someone else. People love a scapegoat, I reckon it's so they can kid themselves they know more about football than the manager.

  • Be interesting to see how we deal with the very different tests of bottom of the table and then promotion contenders...Sammy Wood might get his mojo back playing at left-back even if it is worrying to lose JJ. SW has not become a bad player and will come good eventually I reckon.

  • Sorry but that's my opinion. I don't see what Sam Wood brings other than get in the opposition face and endless running. Sam starts games ahead of others who must think to themselves "How come" Wood is ahead of me. If GA prefers Wood so be it he knows far more then me, but can't complain we are not creative or we play to narrow when one of the culprits naturally tucks into the middle and rarely runs down the wing and crosses it.

    Wood will hopefully find his mojo (so not the only one who's noticed he's lost his mojo) and score a blinder this evening so I will put a few quid on first goal scorer.

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