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The Opposition View - Wimbledon


  • Also libellous.

  • i cant stand reading the absolute tosh opposition fans in league 2 spill out each week. They pay £15, watch a team with no money in and who's highest earner is on less then quite a few fans in the ground and expect a masterclass champions league best XI style match. They all need to get a grip on reality.

  • Perhaps the 'drug fuelled' comment is because 'Ingram never leaves his line' ??

  • Well, now we know the derivation of the term "cockwomble"

  • We do play act at times but these guys are kidding themselves if they believe their own players aren't at it as well. Frankly I think we should have been working the ref more. How many times did their defender have an arm in the back on Hayes/Thompsons neck when challenging for an aerial ball in the first half? There is no chance of winning the ball in that situation and we should be playing for the free kick.

  • The low-level cheating and fouling from Wimbledon was no different to any side at this level, though their fans have a brilliant ability to be completely blind to it.
    I wonder if those impartial observers also managed to forget the off-the-ball dump tackle on O'Nien (I think) that incredibly only got a yellow. If that wasn't violent conduct and a straight red, then I don't know what is.

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  • Just look at the way O'Nien is levitating to make it look like he's being held.

    Same old Wycombe, always cheating.

  • Luckily for the Don it wasn't a Rugby match, that offense would possibly been a red card or 10 minute sin bin.

  • A more likely explanation is that he photoshopped himself into the picture just to con the ref

  • additional photos:


    No doubt the cowards at the FA will let it go and not apply any retrospective action because the 'referee saw the incident'.

  • A few libelous comments in there - drug fuelled, flares etc.

  • It beggers belief that everything they are moaning about is everything that th. e old Wimbledon team were renowned for, pot & kettle spring to mind. TBH i dont really care what others say about us in my view it's just them venting their frustrations because tbeir teams have no answer to how we go about our business, we are no different to any other team in this division.

  • @woodlands On the subject of libelous comments, here's one I didn't include...

    Biggles wrote
    "Wycombe really are the most shameful and shameless cheats I have ever seen. And the ref must be the most corrupt one too. How much did Ainsworth give him at half time in a brown envelope? £500? £1,000? His performance in the second half was astonishing, and for so many bad reasons."

    There were flares though.

  • Bollocks. I only just realised what the flares comment was about. I've spent all day wondering who was wearing the retro trousers.

    Although they are a good way of winding up stewards those of us who have spent too much of our lives smoking tend to end up with coughing fits.

    And while I'm on a moan-a-thon if we are going to have chants of "Sit down if you love Wycombe" can we please have a long enough interval for us old guys with clapped out knees to actually sit down before the "stand up if you hate ..."

    Thank you

  • Were there really flares lit at Wimbledon on Saturday?

  • There's a photo on the Facebook group, of a chaps Orange stained trainers where a smoking flare has got stuck under his foot.

  • Surely the majority of sensible Wycombe fans should rise up and stop these morons? Maybe secure shut their play pens before leaving the house or just leaving them in front of Candy Crush Morons edition?
    There is no place in football for this moronic behaviour. Surely as a fan owned football club we are better than this.

  • @Right_in_the_Middle get a grip...the fans there had a great day

  • @Right_in_the_Middle: Will you be one of the majority? Why haven't you already risen up and sorted this out? What's stopping you?

  • I have to say the flare mad a mockery of being searched with the tightened security ...pretty stupid thing to do but did't ruin my day and boys will be boys . There seen to be some very judgemental souls on here !

  • I might be wrong but I think WWFC could be fined if our supporters continue to let off flares or smoky things, or whatever they are. I'm not all that fussed about them (just so long as I don't end up being set alight) and the yellow ones are quite pretty; but isn't it a bit insensitive to be messing about like this in the light of recent events in Paris? That was, after all, the reason for the, albeit ineffectual, heightened security wasn't it?

  • Hi @Ed_ Nothing stopping me and I'm very much on the case. Would be far easier with a few more though.

  • Personally, I don't much like vigilante groups taking things into their own hands. I'd much rather the stewards did their job properly in the first place at the gate and failing that, the stewards inside the ground should get involved. Once you have fans policing their own fans, you are asking for trouble.

    Have you encountered any resistance to your policing of events? Have you needed to restrain people or do people generally do what they are told?

  • @Right_in_the_Middle you got some heavies ready? As the actions your taking will certainly lead to violence

  • @Ed_ Agree with you 100%. More than one way to skin a cat though.

    @wycombelad Imagine Michael Douglas in Falling Down. LOL.
    If you think asking someone to stop firing flares in a football ground will lead to violence then maybe you're one of the morons I need to be more aware of.

    Both of you are so far away from the end of the stick I am holding we're may as well be talking different languages.

  • Naz wrote:
    "Terrible game. Not a good advert for League Two footie."
    At least one Womble was watching the game..

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