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3 League 2 games tonight - why?!

Anyone know why there are only 3 games in League 2 tonight? They aren't games in hand so seems a bit weird?


  • All the teams playing tonight have games in hand bar Burton - their opponents Accrington do. Come on you Stanley!!

  • Exeter played Burton on FA cup second round day, a fixture I believe originally scheduled for a Tuesday later in the season. The Accy-Burton game was a postponement earlier in the season.

  • well done accy 1-0 up go on!

  • I'm at the accy v Burton match. Close game so far. Burton haven't created anything of note.

    Good strike by Windass for he goal, the only bit of real quality so far tonight.

    Hopefully it stays like this

  • You must be one of the luck 919 watching the game. How do they survive on crowds like this.

  • Beats sitting at home watching footy on the tele.

    Lowest budget in the league by far apparently.

    As for the game. Burton had more possession 2nd half without creating anything.

  • Not long left. C'mon Accy..

  • Accrington 1 Windass 23′ v Burton Albion 0. Awesome result Full Time.

  • Burton had one chance a header from close range apart from that they were pretty poor tonight. They brought about 80/90 fans with them too.

  • Goes to show once again how anyone can beat anyone in this league.

  • Wycombe have been the only team that have remained on top for more then a few weeks at a time all the other teams seemed to have struggled with the pressure.

  • Everyone in this league pisses away points, I don't think a particularly high points total will be needed this year in order to achieve automatic promotion.

  • It's around this time of the season, that a side from the pack, hits form and goes on a run games with majority of those games being wins. Who will be that side is any guess?

  • My guess would be Plymouth or, on a more outside bet, Pompey.

  • I have a sneaking suspicion that Stevenage will finish strongly... Hopefully not starting on Saturday.

  • Just 919 at Accrington, lower than the top five non league crowds!

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