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What next for a reasonably successful Lg2 manager

edited November 2015 in Football

Just pondering really, although obviously based on GA. Leaving aside thoughts about his special love for the club and why would he want to leave and all that stuff. I cant quite get my head around what potential opportunities are reasonably likely to present themselves to a reasonably successful Lg2 manager.

You would assume that the football world recognises that Ga is over-achieving given the resources of his club and hence is reasonably highly regarded. Three years experience, so not experienced but not a rookie, reasonably young.

What realistically would be his next step should he wish to move.

Would he be a realistic option for a championship/premier leauge yo-yo ex-club like QPR or is that more realistically the job after next.
If not that what about an average championship club, especially a local one - Reading for example are now looking for a manager - Would he be an option for that role.
Does ex-club make a real difference, so if not Reading, is Preston his only realistic option for going straight to the championship.
Would a Lg1 side that should have aspirations on challenging for Championship be the level of his next job - especially one that needs a skill he seems to hold (so In GA case, he and his team seem to be good at developing young players, is barnsley an obvious fit.
Or does he have to prove himself first in a bog standard Lg1 team - a Colchester or a Peterborough say.
Or does a Lg2 manager have to have a lg2 promotion on his CV to progress and hence is he looking at a say Luton to progress when that job comes available.

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  • Colchester thrown in purely to antagonise. Classic trolling from a classic troll

  • I think it all depends too much on individual circumstances (those of Wycombe, Gareth and any other club involved) for anything beyond idle speculation. If I had to put money on his next club I think I'd go for Preston, but I'd expect some pretty good odds because really it could be anywhere.

  • Mmmm. Zoned out two or three times reading that.

    There is plainly no formula for a successful football manager as so often it's about fit, history and sometimes purely a chairman knowing the name. Some get the chance to fail multiple times and others only once.

    I tend to agree with eric on reflection.

    Are you working at the moment DevC?

  • Sheffield United would be a good fit. Underachieving, good infrastructure and large fan base

  • He forgot to mention mk dons and the Dagenham girl pipers

  • Personally I fear Barnsley may well be knocking unless they can stop losing soon.

    Reasonably confident that it wont be Sheff Utd.

  • I'd say Sheffield United was about the least likely.

  • What has this site become

  • I would imagine like Jimmy Floyd, he would want a promotion on his CV and then either a decent run in League One with the promoted side...or a swop to a bigger L1 club for a run towards the Championship. I suppose from GA's point of view, he can make all his mistakes at Wycombe without it having too much negative impact on his well: 'look at the budget and the problems he had to contend with' do badly: 'look at the budget and the problems he had to contend with.' I think his short management experience at QPR might put him off going back there...or working with a nutty chairman/owner...but having said all that if someone waves a big wad of cash and he thinks he can leave with his head held high and the club relatively stable who knows?

  • I think it's reasonable to be reasonable about his reasonably reasonable chances.

  • What on earth is the point of all this idle speculation?! We all have our thoughts about possible developments and we would all be extemely disappointed if Gareth uprooted within the next couple of years but I doubt whether even he is mulling over possibilities at present. As the Chairman said, he is a perfect fit. He appears to be happy and proud to be Wycombe manager and I have the impression he has the same refreshing outlook on life as my son-in-law who several years ago opted out of the rat-race despite earning "big dosh" and proclaimed that he would rather have enough to support a resonably comfortable standard of living and to be able to enjoy family life to the full.
    Let's enjoy the present and let the future look after itself.

  • I hate the international break. It always leads to this.

    Can we talk about Akinfenwa's guns instead.

  • @drcongo - have just seen your priceless post above. The voice of reason. Saved me the trouble.

  • Div 1 possibly lower championship side and good luck to him if he ever moves on but would be sad to see him go

  • Reality TV, obviously

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