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40 Coolest Football Kits Ever

Not sure if I agree with all of them but nice to see the Quarters is on the cool list. The site may be sued for pointing out that we had them two years before certain other clubs!

With Kukri looking like they're probably on the way out after the shop deal closed early, who would you trust our next kit to?


  • You have to question a lot of those picks. The current Palace kit eats dirt compared to the Admiral one of yesteryear ( and a Real Madrid kit, please, it's plain white. How the silver Liverpool monstrosity gets in there is beyond me and the same goes for the USA kit, the Dutch hangover headf&%k and as you say, countless others.

    So many great kits to choose from, so few opportunities taken.

  • My preference is the Cameroon kit.

  • That article is terrible. Half of the kits they like because of who the sponsor is. That said, that Lyon kit is exceptional

  • Shame Edmund Monsoon is no longer around to rage up over the use of the phrase, "classic away kit".

    Pleased they used the 2013 WW kit in this, a definite favourite and would take some beating, although the ridiculously unlikely idea of a sponsorless kit would do it.

  • @Ed_ The Palace shirt of the 70s and early 80's was a classic.
    Im a big fan of the sash in a 'non orange lodge' type of way.

  • I've always thought that a good change kit for us would be all white with a light/dark blue sash, or all white with two horizontal chest stripes, one light blue, the other dark blue, similar to the design of the change kit that West Ham have worn from time to time.

  • I'd like to see a Wycombe change kit of chocolate and pink quarters. A very famous amateur club kit and a nod to the heritage of one of our regular opponents of yesteryear. Anyone remember seeing us play a league game at the Oval cricket ground with TV commentator Martin Tyler on the opposing side?

  • That Peru kit is the best ever, Teofilo Cubillas would have walked into even the Brazil team

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