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What a lousy draw


  • Disappointing

  • I'm sure Tony Craig will be pleased to see our Gaz again. Yup, shit draw though.

  • im happy with it tbh - go into as underdogs, u never know what can happen and never been to their ground as well

  • PCH and fred both started on Saturday (PCH FIRST start for them - he only lasted 45 mins).

  • The millwall fans are not impressed with PCH, mind you he has hardly played.
    Who would take him back?

  • I'd take him back if quality was the only criterion, but with that injury record - nope.

  • Why I'm not happy with's a match with no charisma whatsoever, so no tv money except prize money. Yeah I know, but money is important to us still. The ground is in a real shitty area, and Millwall do still have the odd hobbledehoy. So we get a draw away and beat them at home, we'll have to pay a large Police bill and the cost to repair the damage that will no doubt be caused to the setas and toilets (again.). I can' t see anything postive except nicking an away win, with the odd brick being lobbed at the supporters coach.

  • Awful and boring draw

  • I seem to recall a supporters' coach may have got its own back one year by reversing over one of their lamp posts.

  • It could've been a better draw, but I don't think it's a bad draw either. It's a London match, so we can take a good away following. Also, Millwall are similar to us, in that they seem to be much stronger away from home, so it's certainly not unfeasible we could go there and win. Hopefully, it'll be a Saturday match as well!

  • Last time we played Millwall in the 2nd Rnd turned out to be a rubbish year. No doubt we will get someone like Grimsby if we make it to the 3rd rnd.

  • Could have had far worse draws. We should have won there last season and the players should be right up for this. Any football league side at home would have been difficult and we have history of ballsing those types of game up. Away from home we are much stronger. Just hope we take a good amount because recently our numbers there have been poor.

  • Tough draw. End of the road for this season.

  • Not sure it's a given loss the pressure is on them and if we play well who knows.

  • People shouldn't be negative about our chances at Millwall. I saw the Lions play Barnsley at the New Den earlier this season. They were nothing special, were vulnerable at set pieces and kept getting over-run in wide positions. The visitors won 3-2, which included a goal by Alfie Mawson.

    As long as we press them and get quality crosses in we'll cause them all sorts of problems. Their rise in form is not unlinked to having Jordan Archer in goal in place of the unreliable David Forde. I'd rate our chances of going through as 50:50.

  • Just took a gander at their message board, much the same reaction as us in that they are underwhelmed at the prospect with the only excitement being that they don't have to go up north.

    .....why couldn't we get C*lu away....?

  • I wanted Yeovil or Bristol Rovers away,oh hang on a minute.

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