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A Grand day out

edited November 2015 in Football

Certainly one of the better days out in the last few years. I just wish I had been on a Saturday. But hopefully this fixture will on day become a regular one. From the moment you step into Halifax your transformed back into one of the most complete Victorian townscapes in Britain. Still rich with heritage from the Wool trade that dominated the town and the surrounding Hebbel valley. If you thought Wycombe is hilly then visit Halifax. It clings to the sides on the Valley for dear life. So good to step into proper pubs with proper beer and I must recommended the Ossett brewery company Big Red ale. I could have stayed drinking it all evening! So to the Shay. Its changed a lot since the days it doubled as a Speedway stadium, Speedway left in 1986, with its Cinder banking and low stands as this picture from 1992 shows.
Today Halifax Town FC under there rather unfortunate renaming, FC Halifax Town play in a Modern redeveloped Shay on three sides, with just the one remaining old stand that I love as it sits into the banking as this picture shows and two massive end terraces. In my opinion one of the best examples of a modern ground that has a bit of everything for every one. Oh and the result was great as well!


  • I'll second your recommendation of the Big Red ale. Had a couple of glasses before the match and found it absolutely delicious.

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