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FA Cup away day.

Halifax or Guisley. Unless Gareth gives us a good idea as to what team he is putting out I am not prepared to invest my weekend and hard earned on what was once the highlight of my football year.
Imagine getting to Yorkshire only to find that we are putting out as near as a second string that we have.


  • every chance that Max, Rowe, Sellers and Holloway will be given a chance to impress.

    Impression was a dull draw with lots of league teams at home to non-league. Possible move to Sunday for our game?

  • We should walk this tie. Roll on round two!

  • Nice work Greg!

  • How, with a squad the size of ours, can anyone be bothered about us playing a second string side?

  • I hope we can get a decent cup run.

  • elsewhere a great draw for Chesham and Maidenhead was tempered by DevC

  • Ainsworth claimed in his post match press conference he wants to do well in the cup and will be playing a strong team

  • Halifax for me please. 2 hours on the train and only 1 changeover. Enjoyed watching the draw aswell.

  • We should be putting out a team to win regardless of who we are playing. Wining breeds confidence and atm I am not feeling it (confidence). Hopefully all is going well in training and we our addressing our woes at defending, midfield creativity and shooting.

  • Well on a selfish note, I'm pleased, means I get to go to the game and will still be able to get to work for 7pm :-)

  • Surely, even from @Right_in_the_Middle's somewhat mercenary perspective, it's worth trying for a run in the FA Cup? Even apart from the prize money for winning in each round, getting to the third round and drawing a Premiership side is the football equivalent of winning the Lottery, and with better odds.

  • Great draw. Sides we have never played at intriguing grounds. Proper fa cup tie in my book. Gareth will know of the banana skin factor and I'm sure he will take it seriously. It's about time we did something in this competition!

  • @peterparrotface my point is we don't have a second string side. Some weeks we struggle to get a first string one. Anyone making an excuse about not going based on this is just making up an excuse. We don't much option other than to play our best side

  • It's the FA Cup, so what's not to like? Whoever we play, it's new opposition for us, surely loads better than going up north to play Hartlepool/Carlisle/Bury etc. for the umpteenth time? As long as we don't lose, that is! Regarding the comments above, I'd say that, for us, the concept of a second-string side hardly exists.

  • I personally think that at the minute morale is lacking and must be seen as a priority. The JPT for example is of course not the best trophy in the world, but if we had won at Bristol, I think our morale would have been boosted ahead of the following game. Losing meant nothing really for us but would still have added a sense of 'two straight defeats' to the players' thoughts (especially a somewhat shaky defence).

    The FA cup will be exactly the same. Obviously we won't win the cup, but particularly at a time when the team are going through a sticky patch, and especially given that there is a whole weekend match day set aside for the tie, we must try and win, and maybe even win convincingly. This will set us in good stead going forward, and may allow us to get to grips with some decent 'floor football' tactics which we can take into the next league game.

  • I don't think there will be much floorball in an up and at 'em FA Cup 1st Round tie. But agree it should be taken seriously, that shouldn't even be up for discussion. Either side is a big banana skin and we've been humiliated in the past, please not again.

  • Have we never played Halifax? I've been to the Shay but not with Wycombe so would probably prefer Guiseley. Exciting draw either way.

  • We replaced Halifax in the league when we got promoted didn't we?

    Proper grudge match

  • M3GM3G
    edited October 2015

    @eric_plant Interesting you say that, I have meet many Halifax Town fans in the last few year's and funny they have never forget that we replaced them. Its been a long time coming.

    Fantastic ground the Shay, been a couple of times biggest terrace still in use in football in the UK I believe. Not sure that its an easy match by the way. Cant wait for that one, Just hope its that, but at trip to Guiseley is a positive and Not done Nethermoor so a new one for me if it goes there way tonight. But as for some of the comments above about fielding other players!!! Have you seriously forgot how strong the Conference is? That would be suicide and we would go out. Do you not think any Non-League club would not be up for a league scalp?

    Here is a certain Wycombe supporters review from 3 years ago

  • Remember a blinding game at Wexham Park in 1995 between Slough and Halifax, Slough lost 3-2 after being 2-0 up from memory.

    One heavily bearded Halifax fan buried about 11 cans of bitter and spent the whole game banging on a fence panel. He succeeded in smashing it to pieces just in time to take it with him for the celebratory pitch invasion for the winner.

    Slough told the away fans the bar was closed after the game but really they just pulled the curtains until they'd all left.

  • Oily's FA Cup poem could be loosley based around 'Ilkley Moor Baht'at'

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