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Great article from the original Gasman

You need to keep your eyes on the original gasroom as he is still producing quality articles;article=789281;


  • Thanks. Great article. Incredible to think of all the bands that used to play in Wycombe and so sad to see the decline in live music in the town. I gather that Joy Division gig is regarded as one of their finest ever performances. How I'd love to have been there, but I was only 6 at the time!

  • On the contrary, I was probably too old...

  • Went to it. I have the Bootleg on CD. Adam &The Antz as well. Don't be put off. It was months before there pop sell out.
    they played twice in a matter of months. Experimented with two drummers.

  • I was 10 at the time. Amazing to think of the bands that played in Wycombe. Certainly don't recall anything decent from mid-eighties onwards - it was always Oxford, Reading, London & Windsor Old Trout for me.

    That said, Reaction, in Wendover of all places, saw a few decent bands. Plus remember the excitement of seeing Blur & Sleeper at Aylesbury Civic - tickets like gold dust!

    Hardly Joy Division though...

  • Motörhead at the Town Hall as well

  • And for those more modern Prog fans, Porcupine Tree's first gig was at The Nag's Head

  • Over the years i saw soime amazing bands at The Nags Head, such a big loss to the music scene in High Wycombe. Gong and The Hamsters spring to mind as my favourites i saw there.

  • Elkie Brooks as lead singer of Vinegar Joe at the town hall in the 70s. Yumm...

  • i walk past the Nags Head frequently and it is quite depressing seeing it boarded up and empty

  • I do not think it is possible to conceive of a better gig than Dr Feelgood at the Nag's Head. The perfect venue for the ultimate pub rock band.

  • Agreed Oakwood, Brillo & Wilko were on fire upstairs at The Naggs Head 'back in the night'

  • Never knew this gig actually happened - great support as well... Born slightly too late.

  • Many cracking gigs at Nags Head.................Rezillos, anyone ?

  • Voodoo Glow Skulls at the Nags in more recent times was as hilarious as it was excellent.

  • Just a shout up to Rebellion this year. the biggest 4 day punk festival in the world 300 Plus bands 6 stages, new and old favourites.

    Also the last ever Gig by Britain's best ever Streetpunk/Oi! band. Gimp Fist from Bishop Auckland. Top lads as well.

  • @arnos_grove said:
    Plus remember the excitement of seeing Blur & Sleeper at Aylesbury Civic - tickets like gold dust!

    Hmmm Sleeper... Louise Wener... (and he drifts off to a happy place).

  • @M3G - never heard Gimp Fist before (more my daughter's era/taste) but what a superb trio. They look too young (from my perspective) to be packing up.

  • @micra I discovered them a few years back at Rebellion, have since been an avid fan, one of the few bands I have travelled around to see play live. They are awesome live. You wont ever meet three more down to earth lads. Could easily become as big as Rancid, But Jonny the singer is a family man and they have turned down tours of Australia, Japan and The USA as they only wanted to be a garage band from Bish! So they are saying a big farewell to 3,000 fans at Rebellion.

  • Many thanks @M3G . Fantastic sound. If we had a half decent PA system at Adams Park, there are at least two tracks which would be great on match days - Heart Full of Pride and Marching On and On! Not sure to what extent Gareth is into punk - when I chatted to him a few years ago about his musical influences, he mentioned eg Doors, Free and Nirvana. But the sentiments of those two tracks seem entirely in keeping with his own feelings.

    Only thing is, I suspect a large proportion of my fellow "Oldies" would rather hear a brass/military band playing Entry of the Gladiators! It was traditional at many non-league grounds in the '50s as the players took to the field.

    Thanks again for introducing me to something outside my usual musical sphere.

  • Another entertaining link on the real Gasroom - the highlight of the Andy Bell article is definitely the Tony Adams stuff.;article=789333

  • Comes across as a decent guy with a sardonic sense of humour - although he clearly thinks Tony Adams was away with the fairies. As a player, Bell tried hard but was never really good enough for the Third Division.

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