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edited October 2015 in Football

Having read some of the analysis of Jurgen Klopp's gegenpressing football philosophy, I think it's pretty clear who Gareth Ainsworth is basing his style on.

The best article I've read on this is here. It's interesting just how similar it sounds to the football we play, particularly towards the end of last season when it all came together.

High defensive line? Tick. At least one ball-playing central defender? Tick - particularly when it was Alfie (and that might explain why Sido is now getting the nod in the middle). A destroyer and a box-to-box midfielder cramming the centre? Tick. Whole team playing high tempo pressing game designed to win the ball back in the final third? Tick. One main striker supported by two cutting in from the channels? Tick. Every player dropping back and helping the defence when not in possession? Tick. Narrow formation? Tick. Full backs bombing forward? Tick.

Even Klopp's nick-name for his system, "heavy metal football", sounds familiar. Rock'n'roll football anyone?

The big difference this season is we're seeing a lot fewer short, sharp passes with the ball being played from defence through the field, and a lot more long ball. I suspect this is because Gareth doesn't have the same confidence in the squad as he did when Mawson, Saunders and Hayes were on the pitch.

In a 4-2-3-1 formation the only player we're short of, when Hayes is fit, is a creative playmaker to sit behind Holloway or Ugwu, alongside Hayes and Thomson.

So here's a thought. Given the similarities in our system to the one Klopp is likely to bring to Anfield, maybe Gareth should be putting a call in and seeing if they have any youngsters who could do with a grounding in gegenpressing at a lower level? The Liverpool youth team's closest equivalent to Sam Saunders would do for a start...


  • But no mention of taking the ball to the corner flag, when one nil up with 25 mins to go, nor any mention of feigning injury and other time wasting tactics. Perhaps Klopp still has a lot to learn!

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