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Rovers game OFF this Saturday

Postponed due to international call ups! Bugger...


  • On the one hand that's a right bugger, but on the other, might not be such a bad thing for us with current injuries/tiredness not to have another two-game week.

  • Checked to find out its Rovers who requested it....imagine the howls of protest and cries of cheat if that had been us calling for the game to be put off....

  • Does look like they are trying to get "even", Two players for Wales under 21 and the other for Gibraltar. Good point though @MindlessDrugHoover probably more useful to us with Hayes and Stewart Still injured, wood & Rowe just coming back and Holloway looks like he's still struggling a bit. So cheers rovers.

  • Bastards! I had a lift to the game. See you in court Higgs!

  • Bastards full stop.

  • I thought it was only full Internationals with three or more missing that counted towards postponement of games not U21's?. Have to agree with the others on here though, gives the lads a bit of a breather with such a small squad.

  • couldn't go anyway

  • Just as well I didn't buy a non-refundable advance train ticket.

    I was looking forward to a day out in brizzle :-(

  • You got to love it, only Bristol could do us such a massive favour as this, they are in good form and we have bad injuries. So we will be stronger when the game is actually played and their momentum will be lost.
    Its a bummer for all of us who were planning on invading Bristol, as I am sure only a few will now make it from the loads who were going together but 3 points is more likely for us now.
    Thanks Rovers

  • In good form? Hardly, they've lost 5 of their last 6 home games!

  • But have picked up with 2 good results

  • As I've said on Facebook, they will be rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of a hugely diminished following from Wycombe. Health issues make it difficult for me to commit to away trips but I will be determined to try and make that one and I hope others will be thinking similarly. There's arguably a case for the club to subsidise the cost of coach travel for that match although I appreciate that it's the late night that will deter people with young children and/or work commitments.

    Bristol's home record is the worst in League 2 and, with our incredible away record, they must have breathed a massive sigh of relief when they were given permission for Saturday's match to be postponed. Two more home defeats would have brought a clamour for heads to roll.

  • The club will not subsidise anything, let alone coach travel. Insufficient money.

  • hmmm last train from Temple Meads to Reading is 22:35. Might have to drive

  • That's more than catchable - even with penalties!

  • I'd rate it as tight, but I may be older than you :-)

  • Going to try and make this one. Might be time to try and organise a car sharing scheme?

  • Really bad timing in the same week as our most important game of the season

  • very clever timing from Bristol Rovers...I would say we will take less than half of those who were going on Saturday...not least because a vast number of our train army have prebooked tickets and so will not pay again and work commitments limit it. Still least we will not be lining their pockets!

  • FA Cup 2nd round?

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