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Stuart Green Syndrome

Endemic among football managers. Symptoms are limited to persisting with starting a player that the majority of fans can clearly see is not up to it. Causes are believed to be an overly rigid adherence to a 'system' or the misconception that the player has talent. The disease often persists due to the inherent stubbornness of the football manager. Outcomes are usually limited to dropped points but can be as severe as relegation.

Poor old Gareth, he's got it bad with Ugwu. Hopefully the return of Sam Wood will work out to be the cure everyone is hoping for.


  • A lot were saying the same about Bean last year... (But I agree with you - it is a little perplexing)

  • Waddock had the same affliction with Lewis.

  • A small part of me can understand what he sees in Ugwu - or at least wants to see.

    We've desperately lacked a forward that can get the other side of the defence and get then moving back towards their own goal. Such as when he won the penalty on Tuesday night.

    Neither Holloway and Hayes offer that and too many times this season we've ended up playing in front of the opposition back 4 and not looking dangerous.

    We've needed someone to go with them to create a bit more danger.

    Unfortunately Gozie hasnt really been good enough so far, particularly with the ball at his feet.

    Staggered AAH was subbed instead today.

  • I think you're being very unfair on Ugwu. Whilst clearly not a finished product to compare him in any sense to Stuart Green is disrespectful to all involved. Give the lad a chance.

  • Yes agree, he's ok but no more than that at this stage.

    In fairness I think the main point being made above is not to compare him to Green but to highlight the fact that he is currently being preferred to others when the balance of evidence doesn't support that approach - as Green was by his father in law.

  • To me it is a simple case of Holloway + Ugwu = Confusion. They were either miles apart or jumping into each other. I think both need to play alongside a wise old head be it Thommo or Hayes and both will be fine. Together they are just p1ss poor.

  • Aaron Holloway has been a shadow of the player he was last season. Is that down to him, the system or his strike partners? Seemed strange today Thompson was sacrificed in midfield for a partnership that hasn't worked at any stage.

  • I think Ugwu could be a very useful impact sub, but I'll be much happier once Hayes is back and in the starting XI. I'm more worried about Holloway though. Such a good player, but he's struggling at present. One sublime turn and pass to play Thompson through in the 1st half aside, he did very little. Then again, the service to him was poor, he's at his best when the ball is played to him on the floor and that happened very little today.

  • I too am very worried what's up with Holloway. Second half of last season he was terrorising defenders with sheer brute force, pace, and a wonderful touch. So far this season he's just a pale shadow of himself. He's not getting in defenders faces, they're not bouncing off him as he holds the ball up or surges past them - and he's not fully committed to closing down the man with the ball. It was an absolute peach of a pass through to Thompson today, and he had that one shot that I think hit the post, but other than that I'm struggling to remember any other contribution of note.

    I can only assume he's playing through an injury and isn't able to fully commit himself. If Hayes is going to be out much longer then perhaps we're going to need another forward in on loan for a month or two to help spread the load - Thommo can't keep playing 2 games a week at his age, and sadly Ugwu just doesn't seem up to the task...

  • Gaz has no other options up front though. Ugwu has been better than Holloway recently, he bustles about up front. There is, sadly, no end product, but GA can do nothing else.

    We're up the top of the league, it's light years away from the Taylor/ Green fiasco.

  • I do think on current form Ugwu offers more than Hols.

  • Holloway produced our best bit of football in the entire match with his turn and pass to play Thommo through, but that was the only thing of note he did. Hard to tell today how much of it was down to lack of service and how much was due to lack of form, but he's not imposing himself as he did last season.

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