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  • John sheridan appointed.

  • A divisive manager at Plymouth. (Dean Morgan clearly held him in high regard!) Good luck to him, I say, but he has a real battle on his hands. Don't think we will be looking to Newport to save us from the drop though!

  • Sheridan is an interesting case. I thought the Chesterfield team that went up about three or four seasons ago played some of the best football I've ever seen at this level. But they really struggled in League 1 and their fans were very negative. Then looking at PASOTI around the time of the playoffs, their fans seemed quite divided between those who were grateful he'd stabilised the club and those who thought he was tactically limited and inflexible. Tough task ahead at Newport with very limited resources

  • Sometimes having few options makes things for the incoming manager a bit easier...the only way is up and the fans know he's been handed a crock...

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