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  • Nice write up. Looking forward to this match. Hopefully we play some cracking football and we get a good result.

  • edited October 2015

    Some pre-match comments from Wilder...

    "Chris Wilder has told referee Keith Hill that he will need to produce β€˜a big performance’ in the Cobblers’ Sky Bet League Two clash at Wycombe Wanderers on Saturday."

    "Northampton travel to take on the league leaders at Adams Park, and Wilder wants to make sure Hill is fully aware of Wycombe’s habit of β€˜pushing the boundaries’.

  • A phrase involving the words pot, kettle and black springs to mind.

  • Wow. Surely that ref comment is beyond the boundaries of bringing the game in to disrepute? A manager shouldn't be in the press putting pressure on a ref.

    Wilder really is an act isn't he? His teams are so anti football it is untrue and he is nothing more than a thug with his touchline antics.

    Most worrying part of the article though is that Keith Hill is reffing. Tomorrow could get very very messy.

  • Don't they just @MindlessDrugHoover. Since my post earlier this morning in response to @Ciderk1d I have read the Vital Preview above and one thing in particular struck me. Northampton have collected 3 red cards already this season and Keith Hill has brandished 3 in the 10 games he's refereed so far. You would find it hard to get long odds against Northampton adding to their tally tomorrow, especially if Jon-Jo O'Toole is retained after his "rare appearance" on Tuesday. To be fair, the quotes by Chris Wilder above look worse when taken out of context but they won't have endeared him to his old mate Keith who sent him to the stand at Cheltenham last season.

    Could be a little feisty tomorrow and yellow cards for Harriman and/or Bean would lead to our first suspension(s) of the season. We are fortunate inasmuch as we have cover for both these two (assuming no further injuries). Great to hear that "a slimmed down" Woody - has he been ill? - took part in the warm-up on Tuesday and that Harriman's withdrawal was a precaution.

  • Wilder's antics at PNL, in attempts to get opponents sent off, were as low as you can get in Football.
    They are ramblings off a worried man, who knows that his best eleven are gonna come off second best against the Wanderers workhorses unless something out of the ordinary occurs.
    He's pretty much done Gaz's team talk for him, lets going and give them a Right royal @Cider1d 'Thumbing' tomorrow. So much that Wilder wont be able to sit in his dugout season till after Crimbo.

  • If either Harriman or Bean get booked on Saturday, does that mean they will serve their one match ban in the JP Trophy on Tuesday ? If so i may have a little nibble with the bookies that one or both of them get booked late on in the game against the Cobblers.

  • Pass! Anyone able to confirm?

  • John Joe O'Toole is apparently playing for his contract/to get another club so he'll be putting the boot in as usual one assumes, if he's picked. He seems to be in a new team every time he turns up.

  • I have serious doubts that Harriman will be available for tomorrow. Just a hunch that Gaz is keeping his cards close to his chest again. I thought that Harriman looked in a lot of pain when he misplaced that last pass before being subbed. Could be another play off kidology going on as with Ingram. Just a hunch. Not overly worried as I am certain that Rowe will step in next to Pierre and Sido can return to RB. Not as influential going forward as Harriman but defensively I wouldn't be concerned. Hope my hunch is wrong though as I've really enjoyed watching Harriman steam down the right side, he is a constant thorn in the oppositions' derriΓ¨re.

  • Agreed. I was surprised that Rowe did not play on Tuesday putting Sido back at RB and Harriman free to run up that right hand side.

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