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Singing at Games

Obviously a lot of people view these posts who attend games regularly home and away. Having seen recently thousands of fans applaud Stan Petrov at Villa and plane crash incident involving Newcastle fans at St James Park. Surely through a forum like this would be easily organised for fans to blast out a certain song between say 10 and 15 minutes of the first half. Have heard of recent hostility at away games between fans, is it not IMPORTANT to remember that we are all supporting the same team. I will sing from minute 0 to the final whistle and that is my preferred way of supporting when at a game but have no problem with those who have a alternative view. However many fans are at Adams park or away on a trip around the country this 5 minutes of everyone getting " involved " whether singing or clapping etc would send a message to the team and the opposition that as the crowd we are together in support. First post and likely to get slated for Petrovs comparison etc but not bothered if you do slate this, at the end of the day that is what a forum is for!!


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