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Match day thread: Exeter


    edited September 2015

    Team: Ingram, Harriman, Jacobson, Jombati, Pierre, Bean, Bloomfield, McGinn, O'Nien, Ugwu, Thompson.

    Subs: Lynch, Sellers, Rowe, Kretzschmar, Banton, Amadi-Holloway.

    Some errors at Exeter with player numbers

  • 2-0 Thompson !

  • Up yours, Western Morning News.

  • @HomeGameRegular be interested to read what they have to say this time.

  • edited September 2015

    @BSE Indeed!

  • Not a great game but solid away performance and 3 great points. Defence dominant, Bean arguably lucky not to get a red but otherwise MOM.
    Exeter used to have a reputation for plying really good football. Shame to see them this year and last just relying on hoofing it.
    Hope Sellers is not to bad. How incredibly unpleasant to see Morrison picking fights with players for a good three/four minutes as a fellow pro lay on the edge of consciousness in the area. Sorry whatever has happened in the game, that is simply not acceptable.

  • Had a butchers on the Exeter fan forum, looks like a fair few have hit back at the whingers and said as it is, they missed their first half chances like we have done a fair few times in games.

    Good job lads, awesome performance.

  • According to Thompson, Morrison's intentions were misinterpreted and he was genuinely concerned:

  • Bean's tackle looks worse on camera than it did to me at the time.

    I thought Bean looked a little off the pace when he first signed for the club. Then he filled in admirably at right back during the play-offs. From the few games I've seen this season I think he's played well and has generally been getting positive write-ups, including a few MOM performances.

    You can say it's all about opinions but, even so, I can't quite fathom why anyone would want to turn up to a game and berate one of our players from the off. I thought most people grew out of that kind of thing. On Saturday there was some dreary vitriol being thrown his way from the first minute.

    Have I missed something?

  • At the time, it looked pretty horrible. First impression was it was either a fair tackle or a straight red. Dont really see how it could have been a yellow.

    Quite why anybody would be slating on Bean on Saturday (cant say I heard anybody but then I was standing a little way from the younger group) is beyond me. He was outstanding for me - clear MOM. He even passed it along the ground at least twice - a team leading statistic.

    Do need to identify soon a suitable candidate for this years boo boy. I understand it is compulsory to have one - and with early candidates Wood and Hayes injured, no obvious candidate seems to be emerging. Not good enough IMHO.

  • In my view Bean has easily been our best player so far this season.

  • As retrospective punishment is being used in the league this year, could Bean get a red if Exeter complain to the league? or is that just for a malicious tackle/behaviour like Elision pulling beans hair. Although it looked a horrendous tackle on the video it looked clumsy rather than malicious.

  • @stevedore There always has to be someone. Last week at Leyton Orient a few people were getting on Garry Thompson's back. On the whole though, there seems to be less of that sort of thing this season, especially at home.

  • Bean has been solid if unspectacular in the games I have seen him in...cannot understand why he should be singled out for any sort of abuse. I am no football expert, but we are doing well...and he is playing a decent part in that...can they not see that?

  • Agree @DevC I had Beano as MoM on Saturday and thought, during the spell late on when we were absorbing the pressure and killing the game off, his screening of the back four was superb. Workrate, fitness, application, determination and bravery all exemplary; and also agree @mooneyman he has been our most consistent player this season (just ahead of Sido). I did think he was a bit fortunate with that tackle, though, and breathed a huge sigh of relief that the terrible ref. only gave him a yellow. By the way - what were all those Exeter supporters moaning about? Apart from Beano's bit of good fortune the ref. gave them just about every other decision.

  • Just watched the highlights. I assume the Lord was smiling on Beano...foot off the floor studs up...he should have gone all day long. We would not have liked that at didn't even look like he needed to do it. Strange decision from both him and the ref!

  • the referee dealt with it at the time, it won't be re refereed as its against the rules.

  • "These things even themselves out over a season..."

    There's been more than one occasion already this season when a ref has bottled dismissing one of the opposition for a bad challenge.

    That said, it was a bit of a shocker and Bean's reaction showed I think how shocked he was at himself.

  • Agreed wig...I'm not complaining (too much) considering some of the shocking officiating we've seen so far...

  • Couldn't quite see the point of him when he first arrived - so more fool me, since he's proved to be tough, in your face, doesn't flag, breaks up play, goes in hard (occasionally, as we've seen, too hard) and wins the ball more often than not, in the air or the ground. A key defensive asset imv and a key player this season to date.

  • The problem was he was seen as a replacement for Scowen - Bean's a good, solid player but Scowen was one of a kind.

  • Luke O Nien can be as good as Scowen.

  • @richmayes999 said:
    the referee dealt with it at the time, it won't be re refereed as its against the rules.

    Damn, better prepare for a 10 game ban.

  • @HomeGameRegular Couldn't see why he was getting so much stick so early in his time here. Impressed me in the Cambridge away game last season, neat and tidy, minimum of fuss, did his job, what more could you ask for? Good to see him maybe proving some of his doubters wrong.

  • Dead right, Chris, Josh was absolute quality. Rich has a point, too; I've been thinking about Luke O in terms of Josh's ability. Early days, but maybe...

  • The early days of The Bean Machine were characterized on this forum by his slating. I was one of the few who stood up for him (at least virtually) and from what I hear on Player he is still in the thick of it, giving his all and is only let down by his 50p head/foot at times. like a generally consistent snooker player who gets his angles all wrong some matches.

    Still rate him though, heart and head and a 50p finish! Beany, Beany, Beany!

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