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Villa Relations after Janoi

edited September 2015 in Football

Do you think we have soured our relations with Villa on future reinforcements as Janoi only played two games while on a Months loan ????


  • no not at all ....

  • Not if a Villa representative was present at his first match for us!

  • Quite dissapointed you've left out your usual random LOL in the above post @Ciderk1d
    I'm enjoying the inappropriate points you include them on other threads.

    I don't think Villa will be bothered in the slightest. I think it was telling they offered him to us rather than us asking for him. It's not always easy for a young player to fit in to an established side, especially seeing the standard of the current Premier League U21 section.

  • Apparently he's at Newport now.

  • 1.5 to 1.8? That's not so bad.

  • Tommy Mooney is their Head of Youth something-or-another and was massively impressed with our new setup to support young players.

    The fact he asked us to take him, the same as both Brentford and Millwall did with their players last season, should tell you we're doing something right.

    The club know how important loan signings are to us, they'll be doing everything to keep relationships with other clubs strong.

  • It's interesting that he was sent back so early. Ainsworth clearly realised he wasn't up to standard for League Two - at least not the top end of it. But that still leaves us very exposed at the back if there are any injuries. It makes me think we must have been paying the lion's share, if not all, of Janoi's wages. I had assumed that Premier League / Championship clubs would benefit as much from having their peripheral players at Wycombe as we would in having them and would therefore be willing to stump up most of the wages. Maybe I was wrong.

  • I think it's more likely that Ainsworth told them he wasn't going to get many games, and with the opportunity for him to play at Newport Villa (and Janoi) decided that would be the better option.

  • On the contrary, recent evidence suggests we manage relationship with loanees parent clubs very well. Despite Danny Rowe getting limited game time last season Rotherham allowed him to stay and even sent him back after a brief recall. Taking a player as injury cover and subsequently letting him return if another (more appealing) loan opportunity arises seems pretty reasonable to me.

  • he couldn't return for 28 days as per the rules he was here for 26 and then signed for Newport on the 28th Day.

  • edited September 2015

    I see Donacien played for Newport as Crawley comfortably scored 3 goals to none to win League Two's basement battle. Crawley move up a few notches. Donacien will certainly be able to work on his defending.

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