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Match day thread: Leyton Orient


  • Sounded like a cracker of a match, shame to let one in when we were up their end chasing a second. I was willing the ball over the line at the death but by the commentary it was two dropped at the final whistle. Thoughts from actual spectators?

  • Definitely a fair result with an underlying whisper of negativity towards the end. We chased a second until they equalised, at which point we ran for the corner flag and played for the final whistle.

  • Sido boobed big time for Orient goal. Needed to just toe punt it into touch.

    Ugwu had a couple of decent opening but seemed to get the ball caught under his feet.

    A pt is a decent result and we looked set up to take a draw from the beginning.

  • Cracking, terrific game and overall a fair result.

    We were probably a bit lucky to get ahead; they were definitely lucky to get back in the game - their goal shouldn't have happened though, that said, their No 9 gave Jombati and the defence a very hard time.

    Inspired substitution from them. Talking of which, would like to have seen Holloway on for longer: he won in the air most of the time, and seems to have more to him than Ugwu on the evidence so far.

    Finally, the idiot pitch invader may actually have helped. Orient were having a good spell when he came on.

  • clear penalty on blooms after around 80 mins, but still a good point

  • @HomeGameRegular, Was wandering that myself "would like to have seen Holloway on for longer: he won in the air most of the time, and seems to have more to him than Ugwu on the evidence so far." Wycombized rather fast, wouldn't you say.

    Felt sorry for Banton, no game time what’s so ever, oh well onto next week.

  • Who was the number 9? I agree he looked a handful.

    Bloomfield is good at winning those cheap penalties, pinching the ball ahead of the defender and going down I think he did similar at Cambridge away last season?

  • @Glenactico Oille Palmer.. Source WW twitter.

  • it was like the one he got at luton, definite pen.

  • and the 9 is Ollie Palmer who Waddock was gonna sign from Havant at one time, he has since been at Mansfield and now at Orient.

  • @richmayes999 I was thinking, at the time, that it was just like the Luton pen. Belter of a game. Draw a fair result overall (imo) but absolutely gutted at the cock-up for their equaliser. @micra Were you there?

  • Countless times we seen the opposition Managers change things around at half time or there abouts, when we have led at half time but the same can't be true as usual, we leave it very late in most games winning or losing for however is coming on to really make a difference, it takes several minutes for the substitute to get the pace of the game arghhhhh.

    Nevertheless I expected a hard fought draw playing away against the table toppers, hence my previous tongue and cheek thread discussion (Do a Chelsea keep it tight and keep our shape don't lose this encounter) thread lol.

    What Impressed me was the diamond formation, which adds another string to our bow for setting up against opposition sides awesome, and stops predictability of preparing for us.

  • Since we have won most games in the last season and a bit, we'd expect other teams to be changing things around and us not to do so as much.

    How many times have the opposition changed things at halftime and it not worked?

  • @AlgernonFudgebucket : sadly no, I wasn't there. Don't make it to many away games these days. Went to Portsmouth last season and, for the original game, the season before. That was the one that was abandoned following a thunderstorm of biblical proportions when all of us on the coach got soaked to the skin (quite literally) and had a rather uncomfortable journey home. Ironically, the rain stopped before the coach eventually got out of the car park but you don't hang around waiting for it to stop for fear of having to walk home! Not that that put me off. Family commitments and health issues - I reached Sunset Strip today! - are the main factors.
    Sounded a thoroughly enjoyable game.

  • Happy "Sunset" @micra; so you have moved on from the "__ Trombones"! Here's to another 23 and a telegram from HM! I can just about remember The Strip: very early memory, mind. I also remember the "biblical" soaking on the south coast which, on reflection, I thought was rather fun. Try not to bust yourself blowing out all those candles...........

  • @Wig_and_Pen & @AlgernonFudgebucket - many thanks, I've survived. Not sure about another 23 though!

  • It's worth noting (maybe) that Jombati gave the ball away for their goal by trying to be too clever on the ball; but he did the same thing successfully in the build up to our goal - so it's worth taking the risk sometimes, but not from that position!

  • In hindsight Yes, but I rather he played to his natural ability and if Sido becomes unstuck and makes a mistake so be it.

    Prefer Defenders pushing forward and showing creativity then turn and hoof it anywhere forward or beyond, that's just me. Nothing soldiered nothing gained.

    Sido can make up for it with a Pele and score in the top corner. Sido owes us one lol..

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