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Transfer deadline day thread.

I notice that offers have been made for two of Newport's young players including a defender. Hopefully we can hang onto our squad now. Would another creative player be too much to ask?


  • Another ?? we havnt got one !! the MF is all DM's .... get sam saunders and we would be so much more threatening

  • Spot on. We haven't got a creative midfielder who can go past players and dictate the game. So miss Saunders how he was everywhere and played them clever passes also loved his free kicks when ofc he wasn't injured, but would still have him in my side when he is fit even for only 30 odd minutes a game.

  • I'm thinking any movement out of our squad is unlikely at this stage

  • The reality is that once the stupidity of tomorrow has finished managers up and down the league will look at their squads and try and figure out who they need and who they don't.
    That nice new exciting purchase they just made has now pushed one or two players down the pecking order and their wages and sulky faces are not welcome around the place. The loan window opens and the crumbs will be ours for the picking.
    Certainly don't expect the need for Cressex Service Station to stock up on snacks tomorrow.

  • It is interesting to note that Sam and Nico have each been selected once this season. Sam came on for the last 17 minutes on Saturday; Nico played 53 minutes when Brentford were hammered at home by Oxford in the League Cup. Nico is 22, Sam is 32. Neither can be particularly happy at not being selected. Whether or not they would ever come back to us is debateable but I cannot imagine either such talented player will wish to remain on the sidelines for too long.

  • The other obvious point to make is that Sam and Nico made some eye-catching performances last season for us. No guarantee that they won't get better offers from better teams

  • Brentford have signed 2 players today so I think Saunders and yenneris chaces of playing have narrowed, Imo though they could play at least league 1 football. We really do need a creative midfielder...

  • The two Brentford have signed are both forwards, I can't see how that would effect Yenaris or Saunders? I would have thought that it would be the current crop of strikers at Brentford that would have a furrowed brow atm.

  • Max is creative. As is Mcginn to an extent. If we get Saunders I can see us getting automatics. If not the playoffs again it is I suspect.

  • Who think would take their place on the bench??? Saunders chances have got smaller

  • The Sky Sports effect has hit the Gasroom. There's no need for this thread.

    Let's dip into the Loan market in a few weeks when Gaz really knows what he needs, and not feel pushed by an over-excited, yellow tie-wearing Scotsman to make any signings tomorrow.

    (I understand that Jim White wont' actually care who Ainsworth signs, but it's he's the face of the whole plight)

  • @MightyWanderer said:
    Max is creative. As is Mcginn to an extent. If we get Saunders I can see us getting automatics. If not the playoffs again it is I suspect.

    Been too 3 games to date and ofc listen to the HD Player and from where I am seated I haven't seen to much midfield creativity. Defensively cracking stuff but other than that not much foward play to get excited about. Looking foward to return of Max and love to see more of Sellers.

    Early days and we can't be that bad considering we haven't been out played be anyone so far.

  • We haven't exactly dominated a game yet though, and we've played some pretty poor teams. I don't think we'll keep this league position unless we sign someone who can provide a spark in midfield.

  • @Ciderk1d Re Max, I agree and I'm a fan too, but this has to be his breakthrough season or he'll have to go. I think he has the skills to sit behind the front 2 or 3 and be the playmaker but I worry about whether he's strong enough.

  • Max claimed 13-14 was going to be his 'break through season' after a couple of promising performances, it wasn't. With last years long term injury & Gaz now having him warm the bench this all conspires to suggest that he isn't the future. Would love to be proved wrong as finances demand that everyone in the squad delivers.

  • This might be relevant.

    Reading set to lose centre half Hector to Chelsea for £4million.

    They will want a replacement. Whether they are too snooty to go shopping in the 4th division is another matter.

  • Mike Williamson to Reading is probably a more likely shout

  • Or Kortney?

  • Kortney is well thought of at Wolves so would only be sold to a Premier League team i'd imagine.

  • Hector will be going back to Reading on loan for rest of season

  • Or a loan for Chalobah is what they want any way.

  • Chalobah is a midfielder.

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